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Lindsay Lohan is off to a rough start for 2015.

She recently posted a selfie on her personal Instagram doing the typical celebrity things: posing, using deliberate angles, and a healthy gloss of filters. But, this time around, Lindsay's followers noticed something a little off, as in a complete Photoshop disaster.

Take a look for yourself.

Most eagle-eyed commenters have pointed to the tilting bottles as a dead giveaway that this shot is shopped. Unless Lindsay can afford lotions that defy the laws of physics, they should all be facing the same direction.

But, there's also the bizarre contouring of her body to consider. Somehow her rear end is both textured and flat with sharp angles jutting out, giving the impression of a cardboard cut-out. And her waist is impossibly small for the proportions up top.

Just another bizarre incident in the random assortment of bizarre incidents that amount to Lindsay Lohan's life.

Case in point: last month when Lohan reported that she is suffering from an illness with a name that will make you laugh even though you know diseases are NO LAUGHING MATTER.

Yeah, she got a disease called Chikungunya, a mosquito-born virus that causes severe joint pain, after vacationing in Bora Bora. And it is NOT the Chupacabra disease as many have been calling it. Look, I don't mean to belittle anyone's pain here, but doesn't it seem like it's always something new with Lindsay?

Let's remember that this is the person who, when asked about what substances she had done before landing in jail multiple times, replied like this.

Speaking of jail, TMZ reported last week that Lindsay is going to court again for failing to finish her community service. In fact, she was supposed to show proof of completion way back in November, but at that point she had only completed half of the necessary hours. Even though the judge granted an extended date, she still hasn't finished.

Lindsay is planning on invoking her illness to explain why she couldn't finish her time. However, remember how she got the disease? She was ON VACATION in French Polynesia instead of, oh I don't know, accomplishing her court-mandated punishment.

So, it's looking like a photoshopped Instagram is the least of Lilo's issues right now, but maybe it's indicative of a larger problem. Do you think 2015 will be the year that Lindsay Lohan reemerges for a comeback, or will it be more of the same?


Do you think Lindsay photoshopped her selfie?


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