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(Warning: Spoilers from Man of Steel and potential spoilers for [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870))

So What Happened?

Reports claim that Michael Shannon (who played Zod) is going to play the creature who killed Superman, Doomsday. To me, honestly, I don't think this is actually happening. The movie already has enough characters, plots, subplots, fights, yadayadayadayada give me a break!


My Theory:

Many of you would ask how Zod could be Doomsday (especially after what happened to him...). People have theorized that Lex, being part of the government, got his hands on his corpse and found a mutant gene in him which would unleash something like Doomsday. There's just one thing though......... HE'S DEAD!!!!! SO HOW WOULD HE BECOME DOOMSDAY IF HE'S DEAD!!??? Well that's simple.......Lex and his scientists would obviously create a clone from the dead corpse's DNA. BOOM SHAKA LAKA!!!

The Plot...(In theory):

Superman will be hired by the government to capture Batman because of his vigilantism as he has returned because of the up roaring crime. Superman and Batman will fight it out until Batman finally convinces Superman that the government is trying to control him. When Superman comes back emptyhanded, Lex feels that he's untrustworthy so he simply clones Zod with an added Doomsday gene in action to try and kill Superman. This causes Superman to go to Batman (and possibly [Wonder Woman](movie:45787)) for help and thus, they save the world from the evil of Lex and Doomsday!

The End

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