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A little over a month ago, I'd written another article about The Incredibles 2 going into detail about what I want to see happen in the movie. I read it over and got to the villain part. And I'm sitting there thinking "Why didn't I come up with a better villain than that?"

And because I wouldn't be here telling you this if I didn't come up with a better villain, we're going to enter the world of The Incredibles and Pixar once more.

I tried going back to edit it, but the article got annoyingly jumbled and didn't have the same flow it did before. So I'm putting it here. I'm going to start off with who shouldn't be the villain, in my opinion that is.

The Underminer

Though I love John Ratzenberger, this character seemed a little silly when he came on just before the end credits. He said something along the lines of "I'm always beneath you, but no one is beneath me." That's so . . . pitiful.

The only thing cool about him is his drill because it looks quite a bit like a tank, and anyone on top of a tank is cool. And no one messes with a tank. That is unless they have a bigger tank. Or Jack Jack.

The Underminer also didn't really seem to want anything. He just wanted to be noticed. Bomb Voyage wanted money. Syndrome wanted revenge. That's why they were so powerful. The Underminer is probably content with ending up in jail. Maybe he breaks out every once in a while to keep himself in the headlines. But he really has no interest in staying above ground. He just wants to be noticed.


I loved Syndrome. He was funny. He wasn't overly powerful. He was a genius. He had a great laugh. A great plan. Really, his only downfall was that Edna Mode didn't make his costume.

But he - as we all know - did have a downfall. His cape dragged him into a jet engine causing the plane to explode in a fiery inferno that made a young Jack Jack intrigued.

So, by that logic, he should be dead. Not even Mr. Incredible could've survived that explosion. So if Pixar even thinks of resurrecting Syndrome, I will boycott. For about ten seconds before I cave and go see the movie anyway. But I won't be happy about it.

If they try and Arnim Zola him the way Marvel did in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I'll be very angry. If somehow Syndrome foresaw his imminent death and put his subconscious into a computer to live on forever why would he wait possibly fifteen years to come back and exact revenge on the entire Incredible family (which in this circumstance includes Frozone). I want him to stay dead.

I do not want Pixar to become like Marvel and DC reviving all of their fallen characters. There's a reason characters are killed off. To add drama and effect to their characters left over. There's a reason Game of Thrones offs so many different people.

Bomb Voyage

Though he was awesome and absolutely hysterical, despite not even speaking English, I don't want him as the villain of this movie. He can be in it. Please be in it. I loved him in the movie and I honestly couldn't tell you why I did.

As I mentioned in my other article, this movie needs one central villain to fight with the Incredibles. Bomb Voyage is great, but one guy with a few bombs doesn't seem like enough to take on all of the Incredibles.

What might be cool is if the big baddie breaks him out of prison to be a momentary distraction. And Bomb Voyage has no idea. He just goes to the nearest bank and takes out money. However, the Incredibles got an anonymous tip or something and found him there.

Honestly, I just love this character and would love to see more of him. But he's just not enough to be a central villain for six heroes to take on (possibly more heroes considering how many were teased in the first film).

Syndrome Can't Have a Vengeful Son or Daughter

There is no ground for this anywhere. If Pixar wanted to capitalize on this sort of dynamic, they would've done that in the last film. With one family battling the other. One super, one not. But they didn't because it's not a very good idea. The Lion King II attempted that when they introduced all these new lions and lionesses. But there was no backing within the original films for this. It wouldn't work here either.

Plus, that's an overdone plot point. Or at least something like that. It's a bit too predictable.

But Do You Know Who Can?


Another hardly important character that always intrigued me. I don't know what about him I always liked because we literally know nothing about him. He's just that guy Mr. Incredible knew that died at the hands of Syndrome.

Or is he?

This is the article Mr. Incredible reads when he's still contemplating working for Mirage - and ultimately Syndrome.

If you can't read that article, here's what it says:

Simon J. Paladino, a longtime outspoken advocate of Superhero rights, is missing. According to the local authorities, Paladino was last seen outside his apartment on Traction Avenue ten days ago, and while they have no direct evidence that would lead them to suspect foul play, Paladino's past advocacy of Superhero rights which led some to believe that he had actually been a superhero would make him a likely target. The Mayor says that "the police are investigating all avenues." At this point in the investigation it seems highly unlikely that the police will have any clues anytime soon. The local, national forces are taking action as well.

From there, the rest of the article is impossible to see. Now Gazerbeam has a name, a face and a job. Also, his disappearance has enough grounds to cause national forces to go into action. That's a big deal.

You'd think that his disappearance would be pretty important, right? Well, we all forgot about it after he showed up dead. So did the rest of this world.

Here's what I'm thinking: his family did not. Now whether this family member is a brother, a son, a daughter, a cousin or someone else it doesn't matter. Whoever they are, they should be upset about his disappearance and lack of publicity.

What they don't know is the reason no one knows, which is to protect them from the public. If the world finds out he or she (for the rest of the article we're going to say 'he' because why not?) is related to Gazerbeam, his life is over. Not necessarily that he's going to die, but his life would never be normal again.

So, here's what I'm thinking. This relative of Gazerbeam's is slightly unhinged and as dangerous as Sylar from Heroes.

Because that isn't creepy
Because that isn't creepy

So Paladino's son, nephew, cousin, brother, whatever is annoyed at how his father, uncle, cousin, brother, whatever was disgraced. So, clearly, he's gotta do something about it. And he can because being a super is in his blood.

Whatever his power is, I want to see it rival that of Jack Jack's and his intellect surpass that of Syndrome's tenfold. Someone on the power level of Adam Warlock and genius level of Braniac. If not there exactly, pretty close.

Young Paladino would definitely have enough rage, enough insanity, enough sanity, enough power and enough intelligence to take on all of the Incredibles and win.

Why Gazerbeam?

He became a central plot point for the original movie for a reason. I don't know if you all have the same love for Gazerbeam that I do, but I think this would be great to do. It would put a twist on things no one else has ever had before.

It also won't be the first time Pixar has dealt with slightly unhinged or mentally insane characters. I'd count Syndrome in this category along with Lotso, Dory, Art (Monsters University), Bubbles, Charles Muntz, and Geri ("Geri's Game") to name a few.

I can't think of a time where the family member of a hero became a villain and fought heroes to bring justice to his super-powered family member. Don't know about you, though. If you have, let me know in the comments.

Lastly, I'm assuming his power is the same as Cyclops's powers because he has the same headpiece. And we all know how ridiculously awesome his son, Cable, is. That power base could relay over into this universe to some extent.


Is this a possibility?


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