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With news hitting the web that Fox was officially in pre-development stages on an X-Men television series, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the storylines from the comics that could be used as the basis for future movies, or even as story arcs in the live action series, provided Fox is really able to get it off the ground. Except for the first X-Men feature film, every X-Men film to date has taken various elements from different comic book storylines, and in some cases have been downright (albeit loose) adaptations of stories. I am leaving all Apocalypse stories off this list because we don't know what elements from various storylines will make it into [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267), though I believe it will borrow mostly from Fall of the Mutants. Let's begin.


While Wolverine plays a huge role in this story, and Hugh Jackman is getting very close to hanging up his tank-top and leather jacket, I would still like to see them do a Brood movie. I think the Brood could open the door to do more of a horror movie featuring the X-Men. I love when the comics take a left turn and throw you a curve ball of a story, and I would love to see the movies go more in that direction. We've had some great straight X-Men films, we know the X-Men, now let's do something subtly different. Doing a horror movie featuring the Brood would be fantastic. It would be fresh, exciting, and not what anyone is expecting from an X-flick.

The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix

Cyclops has gotten the shaft in every single X-Men movie to date. Cyclops has tons of fans that want to see him take center stage, and while Apocalypse may do that with a younger Cyclops, we have no guarantees of that. Fox is trying to really expand its X-Men universe and get away from the core team and Wolverine movies, what better way to make amends than by giving Cyclops his own spin-off film? It was never said explicitly whether or not Cyclops and Jean were married in the original films, and Jean stated that she and Scott lived in the same room, so it is very possible they were married. Either way, the timeline is all wibbley wobbley right now, so either way, it doesn't matter. Marry them off and send them off on their own adventure and introduce Cable (if he doesn't end up being the best kept secret of X-Men: Apocalypse). This would be another way to do something new with X-Men, because Cyclops and Jean would end up getting sent to the far future.

The Phalanx Covenant

X-Men vs The Borg! Well, not really. This was the story that introduced Generation X to the Marvel Universe. They tried to adapt this for the animated series, but I don't think they really did the story justice. The Phalanx are visually interesting and I think they would make a great cinematic adversary for our favorite mutants. This is one story that could work in either a film, or the live action series. There is just so much potential with the Phalanx cinematically that if Fox doesn't do this in some way, I feel they will have missed an opportunity.


All X-Men fans seem to have one thing in common: we all want to see Mr. Sinister in an X-Men film. If you're going to do Sinister in an X-Men movie, there is no other place to start formulating your story than at Inferno. The movie would have to move some things around and make some changes, as the original story really did connect a lot of dots that had been placed in different story arcs that had come before it, but that's ok. None of the films were direct adaptations of the stories they were inspired by. The Madelyne Pryor character would probably be eliminated and Jean Grey would end up being the Black Queen, and that could really actually work. So many fans were disappointed with how the Phoenix was portrayed in X-Men 3 so this would be another storyline where they could do a Jean Grey gone bad story and hit some of those beats that were missed in X3, just this time she would be under the control of Mr. Sinister. I think it could work.

X-Cutioner's Song

Ok, this story does have Apocalypse in it, however, the most interesting part of this story is probably not going to be in the Apocalypse movie: Stryfe! This would probably be a better fit if Fox decides to do X-Force as their television series. X-Cutioner's Song was probably the most epic run in the X-Men comics in the 1990s. Cable versus evil clone of Cable. What's not to love? If X-Force ends up being the live action television series, and they do use Cable as the star of the show, there is actually a very good chance that this actually will make it into the show as a multi-episode arc. As with all things, only time will tell.

Any other X-Men storylines you would like to see adapted in either film or television? Sound off!


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