ByJeremy Holenko, writer at
I am just a simple shark

Sharknado has really changed up the game in the sea creature horror genre and only for the better. Obviously with the all star cast of A+ list celebrities such as Ian Ziering ,(as Fin Shepard), Tara Reid, (as April Wexler), and John Heard (as everyone's favorite character George), you are going to have a masterpiece of cinema and that is exactly what Anthony C. Ferrante and Thunder Levin brought us.

This action packed movie just goes beyond the limit of how good movies can be while having top quality CGI and other effects in such scenes as the Ferris wheel rolling down the boardwalk, the chainsaw scene and George hitting a shark with his beloved bar stool. At first you will be thinking "oh come on it cant be that good", but just you wait because this isn't even the eye of the Sharknado. This masterpiece as well as challenging your mind and soul also gets you at your heart as Nova Clarke, Fins employee struggles with her fear and hatred of sharks from her past experience of her grandfather being killed by sharks, beloved characters dying, plans going wrong, and cities being destroyed.

The science of this movie is completely reasonable so I'm not even going to waste my time on what science has already proven.

So as for the history of the franchise with Sharknado 2 out and sharknado 3 on its way I think its safe to say we can see at least see 3 more movies from The Asylum movie productions. So in conclusion please watch this movie.



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