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I think Dawn of Justice plays better on Netflix like Game of Thrones does on HBO. Anyway here we go.

Dawn of Justice.

To me this means giving birth to the Justice League, not Batman the smartest Human on Earth engaging in a Battle with the most powerful known Alien among us. I say being because I maintain the Two Lanterns are more powerful, and both Flash would be too much for Superman to handle. That said the movie is not about hero fighting hero it is about giving BIRTH TO JUSTICE. So the thought is to let the viewers see hope in how and why the league was formed.


Lex Luthor's value. Lex is the wealthiest living being in all the planets, PERIOD. Through out the universe, not DC universe, but the planetary universe, because like it or not we are not alone. And most of our methods are basic to a lot of other beings, however the ability to barter is universal, and no one has more bartering power than Lex Luthor. Lex makes an estimate 10 trillion dollars a day and on a day the market goes down Lex still makes over 6 trillion, making him known through the universe the richest man, PERIOD. Yet he still wants what Superman has and that is fame. Lex once went to a Gala and as he exited his car the kids all asked who is that, the kids didn't know who he was but they knew Superman, this is what Lex wants more than anything; he wants Fame, for his fortune keeps his name known among the elite, but the common man doesn't know him. The rich and powerful all tell him what he wants to hear because they all know him, but Superman is known by everyone the rich and elite, and the common man, few beings anywhere have trouble recognizing Superman, while only the rich know Lex. Lex's passion is to destroy Superman and take what he has at the same time. Consistent with DC's story line.

Bruce Wayne's value. Nowhere near the riches of Lex, but at over 25 trillion dollars to his name Batman/Bruce Wayne has more than enough money to have Camera burried deep underground to monitor all of the cities first in the United States even small cities like (Longview, Harker Heights and Wichita Falls all in Texas, to larger cities through the world like Mexico City, Mexico; Moscow, Russia; Shanghia, China, and beyond), basically Batman can see the entire world with the touch of a button, from his batcave. And given his money paid for the technology the only chance of the cameras failing is if someone has tampered with them, as all the cameras have eternal life, PERIOD.

Batman knows there are evils in the world for he lost his mother and father to evil. Batman is a do gooder, and his goal is to find even more do gooders to help advance JUSTICE, even if JUSTICE has a price. Batman is willing to pay for the services of JUSTICE.

Superman's value. Superman has no real known outstanding net worth. His Kryptonian past, being born the son of a Senator on that planet has no monetary value on Earth. What he remembers is being the son of a small town farmer, so Superman's value amounts to his fame of saving people, which means if he shows up any place in the western world he is told his money is of no value here. Likewise Clark Kent, while he is a bumbling clutz, because he has all the same looks and features of Superman, Clark Kent who works for a living really never has to spend a dime because everyone looks past his clumsiness and sees all the features of Superman. I doubt Clark has had to pay for anything since Superman saved Earth from General Zod. Superman/Clark's value is Fame known worldwide, and there are those in the Universe who know him. Some like Darkseid hates him and other universal beings love him. His fame is what DRIVES LEX.

Wonder Woman value. Diana was once an American Service member. She knows of mans world, but she doesn't like it much, for these are the reasons she left the Service and returned home to Themyscira. As the Princess of Paradise Island, her real value while not known would be more than most but less than Bruce Wayne as she is in line to inherit the land the Amazons call home. Her land exist in our time line but it is hidden from view of man and Bruce's cameras for no man is allowed to set foot in Themyscira. Wonder Woman is known as Diana as her name truly comes from Superman. Superman says, I wonder what would have happen if Princess hadn't come along. Batman says Princess didn't save me Wonder Woman did.

Flash value. Both Wally and Barry work for a living. The younger Wally West grew up much like his uncle parentless. However Wally's parentless upbringing was not because of loss of life, it was simply his parents refuse to put in the time to raise him. So uncle Barry stepped up. Wally to this day idolizes his uncle as Barry means so much that Wally recreated the incident that gave Barry his powers, and while uncle Barry knew nothing of it when it happen it was to late. As the incident with Wally was of PURE LIGHTNING and not mixed like Barry, who had a natural disaster mixed in with a lab experiment gone wrong explosion. Monetarily speaking the West are a lot like Superman when they want to eat, because they are masked and their identity is not know they have to pay although some think they know who they are, and some stores tell them their groceries are free Barry refuses to pay. Wally on the other hand wears his suit and in most case, When Uncle Barry is not around, gets free stuff.

Green Lanterns value. Hal and John while no bank can confirm how much money they have in their accounts any thing they by always clears. Hal wears a domino mask and most can make out his features so most places do not accept his money. John wears no mask and is never asked to pay for anything except in places where his skin color is a problem for some. Most women who are cashiers never charge him and some have lost their jobs behind it, most men regardless of color do not charge him either and in some cases they have been let go. But there are some who do charge him and they to are let go, so it is a balancing act of racism that John refuses to engage in. John never ever asks for anything free as being a former marine and as a kid who has never had much. However, in this day and age thanks to the ring he can afford to pay his way and does so, when he is asked to.

Do not forget Hal is a test pilot and that pays well. Plus Hal is dating Carol Ferris which is the reason he wears the domino mask. It's his way of trying to protect her from people who would try to harm her to get to him. Also, she is a public figure world wide.

The goal is to get Dawn of Justice right, THE FIRST TIME. And set up the Future.

The move opens with a script that reads. -------------- Today History gives birth to Justice.

The movie opens with Superman saving the planet from General Zod. All the fan fair and adulation given to Superman just makes Lex sick. The guy destroyed an entire town, one which Lex had poured a lot of money into hoping to make it a metropolis. But, in his mind yet again Superman gets even more recognition. Lex builds a town up and few know his name, yet, everyone knows Superman, and they cheer and love him. Batman monitors the situation and while he is concerned about the damage; Superman did what was right. Lex puts out a bounty not worldwide, but universally. Lex puts a BOUNTY on Superman's head. And while you get a brief glimpse of Lobo he is already on a mission but in his own words "Once I am done with this mission the Boy Scout is mines." Bizarro, a being who is much like Superman, answers the call. Brief description of Bizarro is he is Supeman with a mental disorder. While Bizarro is not in danger of a stroke, a bruising battle with Doomsday left Bizarro mentally challenged. The only thing Bizarro had left was to fry Doomsday's brain and while Doomsday has healed from that affair, Bizarro's mental impairment appear to be permanent. But he thinks the picture of Superman is him so if he comes to Earth and turns himself in so he can barter for money. Lex quickly see this being is not all together there so he takes advantage of him quickly telling him they are friends and he just needs to do one job for him and he tells him to go to a location and wait for destruction to take place and then he says do not fight anyone which means to him fight someone. Two incidents happen at the same time the one Lex told Bizarro to go to, he doesn't; instead he goes to the other one, Superman shows up in California to stop a natural disaster, while In Bermuda something is happening so Batman knows Superman can't be in both places suits up and takes the Batjet to Bermuda. Lex told Bizarro to not fight, this means fight to Bizarro.

Batman is trying to save Bermuda when out of nowhere Superman attacks. Batman quickly realize death is coming to him, but he forges on knowing he can't win the battle, he turns his attention to stopping the disaster. After Batman stops the disaster he hears a loud bang the noise is a fight between Bizarro and a woman of amazing power in a bikini/warrior outfit. The woman holds her own. Batman lays two or three blast into Bizarro, and the costumed woman smashes him with three or four blows. Lex tells Bizarro to stay put, which means return to base. Batman returns to the Batcave with his female ally and the first thing he does is wonder why Superman attacked him. While he and Superman aren't allies, he felt as he was helping Superman in his endeavor to save humans. To his amazement the time of Superman's attack on him, his cameras reveal Superman was still in California dealing with a 9.8 Earthquake. So now Batman knows Superman can't be in two places at the same time. Now he reviews the encounter, thinking back looking for anything that would give him a clue as to what happen. He does think this version of Superman had some kind of mental disorder, but more telling was the costume he wore. Batman remembers the S was backwards from the way Superman wears it. Now Batman's mission is to find Superman. Much to Batman's surprise Superman finds him first.

Clark goes to work the next day and Lois tells him about the Caped Crusader and the bikini clad woman who saved the country of Bermuda from disaster. The night prior Batman offers his home to Diana for as long as she likes. Diana stays the night and dreams long about Batman. Remember Diana is a Princess so she wonders why is it she dreams of being less than lady like to Batman, for she is in love and lives the old Greek way and that is to serve her King. Its Saturday, Superman travels to Bermuda to hear about the Caped man and the woman who saved the country. Superman gathers enough info that leads him to Wayne Manor, in Gotham. Superman arrives at Bruce's home and ask Alfred to bring Bruce to me. Batman tells Alfred to escort Superman to the Batcave we have matters to discuss. Superman enters and immediately scans the room. First, Superman scans Diana and his scan tells him Diana is a being of tremendous power and abilities. Superman then scans Batman and it reveals he is Bruce Wayne. Of course everyone recognizes Bruce Wayne even more than Lex Luthor. Superman not knowing Bruce is protecting his identity calls Batman Bruce Wayne. Batman replies the mask is for a reason, the name is Batman, Clark. Superman says ok Batman it is and Bruce pulls his mask off and says Thanks Superman. Then Superman says what shall we call you to Diana. (Diana once worked with Steve Trevor and attended a corporate luncheon paid for by the Government in which Bruce Wayne spoke, he was a powerful man then and even more powerful now, as she realizes a vulnerable man who is willing to stand up for JUSTICE is what is great about man's world and forever she will long for Batman. Not to the point that she forgets she is a Princess and acts like a Jezebel. But to the point she knows he is the man of her DREAMS). Back to Superman giving Wonder Woman her name. Superman says what shall we call you; she says everyone back home calls me Princess, Superman says that's it then we will call you Princess. Superman goes on back to Batman and says: Taking on Bizarro a being with powers next to mine what were you thinking Batman. Batman response is: I was thinking I was trying to give you a hand, and when you or Bizarro turned on me: I was thinking If I die then I die swinging, that is what I was thinking. Superman says, I wonder what would have happen if Princess hadn't come along. Batman says Princess didn't save me; Wonder Woman did. The name stuck. WW has no end of Love for Batman and is willing to aid Batman is whatever efforts for JUSTICE he undertakes for as a Princess she pledges her SELF TO HER Basileus. Batman a man who knows all returns fire and tells the princess he would rather be the Cheir. Doesn't matter to her, she sees him as the goodness of mankind.

As the three of them become acquainted with each other. They began to question all the abnormal occurrences. Bizarro showing up, coordinated disasters, all at once, Superman knows this is the work of Lex Luthor. As they discuss his possible whereabouts, three disasters break out at the same time Batman and Wonder Woman head out for one mission as WW has sworn to serve and protect Batman, and Superman goes out for the other one. Both groups are hoping to end the disturbance quickly and meet at the third location. Superman wraps up his disturbance, about the same time Wonder Woman and Batman completes their mission. Unknown to them the two Flashes and Both Green Lanterns have converged on the last disaster and have put the crisis to rest. Flash Wally relies on his speed, Barry is a bit more thoughtful but this Disaster requires strength and power. Green Lantern Hal Jordan is told by Carol Ferris that a loud underground explosion in New York has made seven building unstable. Hal forms an travel bubble that carries him and John through space at above light speed. The Lanterns arrive and they see men moving at blur speed carrying people from the buildings but there is no way two men at their speeds can safely clear the building of all before the buildings collapse. Hal releases his bubble and John secures all seven buildings with his ring and tells Hal to hurry I don't know how long I can hold these buildings. Hal ask Barry what can he do to help; Barry says if you could carry about hundreds of people at one time that would help. Hal can carry that many people. He enters the Building and starts to evacuate the buildings one at a time. Wally follows up just to make sure all the buildings are free of its people. John holds the structures intact and the buildings are all saved, as John and Hal put metal from the blast back in place and the structures still stand as they are putting these building back together Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman arrive. JUSTICE IS BORN.

The one thing that was not mentioned was the serious whipping Batman took at the hands of Bizarro. Batman realizes he needs the villains he face aren't human. He needs to gain some ground if he is going to operate in this era of superbeings. Batman orders Amanda Waller who is a frienmy, to create a lightweight exo-suit that would enhance his abilities, and give him strength. When Waller creates the new Batsuit, Batman takes it and alters most of the creation and reduces the weight further and enhancing the abilities of the suit by merging it with the properties of blue kryptonite giving him the powers and strengths that are on par with Bizarro. Batman's next endeavor is how can he plant a chip in palm of his hand so that by just a mere touch the suit will deploy. Wonder Woman still admires batman for his courage and bravery and his knowledge and wisdom as she is of the gods and know; Knowledge is Power...

But beware Lex is building an Army of his own as near the end you will see faces of Sinestro, Grodd, Black Adam, Killer Frost and the evil sorceress Tala.


This is just an idea and jump off point so to speak. But the most important thing to take from this is the title DAWN OF JUSTICE, there is no dawn of Justice in Batman and Superman squaring off in the first movie, and even worse is the thought of Batman beating Superman. If the title is Dawn of Justice then give us the birth of the Justice League. In the next movie bring in Aquaman, J'onn J'ozz, and Shayera Hol. I reality Barry will probably turn down the invite but will always maintain a connection to the League. While Hal will realize Carol is at risk and break off their involvement; then decide to join the League (this doesn't mean he can't see her, he just refuse to be seen out in the open with her, she owns his heart. So until she becomes Star sapphire, he has to keep their relationship low keyed). Once this crew is full give us two mores movies with the full crew and then start to bring in the unlimited cast. You have to give birth to the Green Lanterns and it should be sooner than later, in 2020. As far as the Lanterns go, in the Justice League saga, both are not needed in every movie, one could be out on another assignment. Be creative DC...


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