ByMaeci Belknap, writer at

Do you ever get tired of people saying you won't make it? You won't be good enough for this or you won't be good enough for that? Well now is the time to take action and make your way into this world. I know how it feels when someone flushes your dreams down the drain. I always stood by and watched the get torn in two. Now that I have finally moved up and took matters in my own hands I am now doing what I like to do best. And that is being me. I was a person who stood back, kept to the shadows, and stayed hidden behind masks. But when like I said I took matters in my own hands I have gotten better at a bunch of things. I now enjoy watching and helping others help live their dreams. No I don't have money so they can live them but I have love and encouragement. When you or somebody else you know or even a total stranger is crumbling underneath give (yourself) them a boost up. Let them know you are there for them. Let them know that you believe in them and their goals. Cause believe me it makes you and that person feel strong and happy on both the inside and the outside. One of my favorite quotes is " If it hurts, don't cry. If you fall, get up. But you must always... Stand your ground." It makes me think this quote can be used for anything. Not just fighting. Stop letting others take what is rightfully yours and start standing tall and standing your ground. Again it's really worth it to you and others.


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