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Welcome back to CROSSOVER WARS! Where we (my nerdy friends and I) pit two characters of similar abilities, from different fictions, against each other to see who the fans on MOVIEPILOT rally behind. For Round 2, we've chosen two of the deadliest antagonists in the galaxy, Darth Vader (Star Wars), and Malekith the Acursed (Marvel Comics/ Thor: The Dark World). So without further adieu...


  • TO THE DEATH! This showdown takes place assuming that both contenders are willing and able to take their opponent's life.
  • BATTERY FULL! Both fighters are at the peak of their physical abilities, and are allowed to use any and all items they have ever possessed in their respective lore.
  • 1V1! At no point in time can a contestant call on their allied forces for help. (Both the Storm Troopers and Dark Elves are pretty useless anyways...)




  • The Aether- One of the six Infinity Gems. After bonding it to himself, Malekith gains a plethora of deadly powers.
  • Dagger- Yep..... just a plain old dagger.... it's mostly for dramatic entrances...... and killing Frigga.....


  • Magical Energy Manipulation- Much like the Jedi and Sith's ability to manipulate the force.
  • Superhuman Abilities- As a Dark Elf, Malekith is abnormally fast and strong.
  • Healing Factor- Malekith has the ability to heal faster than the average mortal being.
  • Aether- After bonding with the cosmic gem's powers, Malekith is able to manipulate matter itself. Giving him abilities such as, launching clouds of small projectiles, regrowing severed limbs and even manipulation of his own size to grow taller than 5 stories tall.


While the Aether is truly a force of unimaginable destruction, that almost brought about the end of the Universe as all of it's inhabitants knew it, it IS a seperate entity from Malekith himself. Much like Thor's magic hammer, Mjolnir, the Aether can choose it's host. One can only wonder how much different of a story Star Wars would have been, had the Aether chose to leave Malekith and bond itself to Lord Vader....



  • Lightsaber- The one and only. The elegant weapon of choice of Jedi and Sith alike for ages, the lightsaber comes in many forms. Within the handle of the weapon lies the technology to command light itself, making it the most powerful sword in the known universe. (Seriously, if you didn't know that already there is something horribly wrong with your childhood.)


  • Manipulation of the Force- Once a Jedi trained in the ways of the light, now a Sith trained in the ways of the darkness, Darth Vader has an immense knowledge of the force. This gives him the ability of telekinesis, telepathy, superhuman healing, massive electrical discharges, and superhuman acrobatics. The force is truly the swiss army knife of superpowers.

WILD CARD! While the force is an incredible power, it is comprised of the ability to manipulate the miticlorians in the universe. Miticlorians are tiny organisms, smaller than atoms, that ultimately make up the universe. Miticlorians are comprised of matter. The Aether gives Malekith the ability to control matter.....


Now its up to the fans! Vote for your champion, let us know why, and......LET THE MOST POWERFUL GALACTIC VILIAN WIN!


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