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Found Footage is not only a popular form of film making but one that has potentially worn out its welcome. When something is over saturated it can push potential fans away. With movies like Paranormal Activity, Blair Witch and countless others, the initial position from most horror fans is, when will we see something fresh and something that feels "real" or when will it just go away?

As a film maker I asked myself that very same question. As a film maker I find found footage to be a cheat. It almost never feels real. The HD camera work feels boring, not providing much in the way of any artistic value. And while there have been a few films that have used this method (The Sacrament is amazing), most just come up flat. This inspired me to create a film that felt both real and didn't feel like your basic Hollywood Found Footage film.

Within Madness was filmed back in 2009. Two years prior I had seen some videos made by a guy named Ricardo Lopez. Lopez was a loner who was obsessed with Icelandic Singer Bjork. His obsession turned into self destruction and all the while he filmed himself having conversations with the camera. Towards the end of the tapes, Ricardo made a bomb, mailed it off to Bjork and then proceeded to shoot himself.

After watching these tapes, studying the path of self destruction, I was inspired to tell this story in my own way. Within Madness is a portrait of someone who is lost and confused by the pain they are feeling within. This pain turns into obsession and then soon turns into disassociation. The main character Donovan Summers is a gym instructor. He's nothing like Ricardo in the sense that he is doing well for himself but deep down inside something brews. Donovan goes on to talk about his obsession with one of his clients. Obsession quickly turns into something darker and leads Donovan down a dark and destructive path.

Matt Story as Donovan Summers
Matt Story as Donovan Summers

The film focuses almost completely on Donovan talking to the camera providing the viewer with insight into the world of someone who has completely lost touch with both himself and the reality around him. This disassociation with reality allowed us to also try and capture the thoughts of a sociopath. What goes on in their head leaving the viewer to wonder what's real and what's not. This allowed us the liberty of going abstract with the look of the film.

Making the film look older, destroyed and outside of your typical present day HD footage gives the film it's own identity.

Now that the film is done, the next stage is to get the film released to the public. We started an Indiegogo Campaign to get this accomplished. Found footage can be a hard sell now days because of the saturation. Make no mistake this movie is far from just the normal found footage film.

It is the portrait of a sociopath.

Here is the link to the campaign:


Are you ready for something more abstract or do you like found footage to be the way it is?


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