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Amy Martin

Everyone loves a good ol' Disney movie, and many of us with kids in the house will know them word for word. So many Disney characters have become completely iconic in the world of animation, so what do you think would happen if we changed them up a bit, say, swap their faces with other characters from their respective films? I'll tell you what happens - DISASTER. Granted, some of these are actually pretty hilarious, but more often than not, they're nothing more than nightmare fuel. Read on to see the best of these creeptastically funny face swaps, and tell me what you thought in the comments section!

Kronk and Yzma

Doctor Facilier and Tia

Alice and The Mad Hatter

Princess Jasmine and a street peddler

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel

Belle and Maurice

Sebastian, Ariel and Eric

Jafar and Jasmine

Meg and Hades

Snow White and Prince Charming

Max and Roxanne

Maleficent and her crow

Did you laugh or scream at these weird Disney mash ups? Let us know in the comments section below!

(source: Smosh)


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