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Tim TheBeast Peace

First of all,as i heard & read the news about Ryan Reynolds termination after green lantern made,im sorry about that he plays okay on the film even he gave it all he worked for,plus if the film was made during the '90s instead in the 21st century 'Val Kilmer' would've been too perfect for the role of 'Hal Jordan/Green Lantern' b/c 'Batman Forever' was a disappointment for hollywood,however on this article,I'm not sure what or why idris Elba wanna leave marvel after his contract expired in two years after 'Thor 3' been filmed,honestly I don't want him to go nowhere because he looks exactly like 'john Stewart' & he's perfect for the 'green lantern' role,I sure hope MARVEL & Mr. Elba Can negotiated with each other or extended his contract until this project (Green Lantern 2020) or projects (Cameo Appearance in 'Batman vs Superman:Dawn Of Justice,Justice League) involving the Legendary DC superhero finished,but if it doesnt workout then i will give tyrese gibson a chance for the role! But,Let's set the record straight please! 'Hal Jordan(Green Lantern)' is in The Superfriends, John Stewart(Green Lantern) is in the Justice League,please believed me i've seen the cartoons,if Justice League film gonna be created then filmmakers need John Stewart not Hal Jordan big difference ppl,IM NOT TALKING ABOUT 'RACE',SO DON'T GET IT TWISTED this is about a Superhero with two different names, two different eras(The SuperFriends & Justice League),same purpose to fight evil.


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