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Following the outburst of Marvel in the TV industry ,Fox Entertainment Chairman Gary Newman and Dana Walden have confirmed the beginning of a new TV series featuring the X-Men. Since Fox does not own the rights to showcasing the X-Men on TV ,Marvel and Fox are engaged in negotiations with Fox being 'cautiously optimistic'. Due to this ,the series will reportedly not feature on television anytime soon and is slated to be released in the 2016-2017 time frame.

Soooo long!!
Soooo long!!

Unlike Sony's 'Spiderverse' ,Fox had a relatively better franchise with huge fan communities. The same can't be said about Marvel though ,as the movie franchise has made more than twice the money that the X-men franchise has made worldwide. Marvel has also had success in their TV show 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D' with extensive links to the cinematic universe. Following this ,Marvel has decided to have a whole lot of exciting shows lined up and Fox wants in on the action.

A lot will have changed by 2017. X-Men Age of Apocalypse would most probably halve the x-men. Friendships would be broken and several teams of heroes left in tatters. Super villains would be on the rise and there is no stopping them. What would the world need?

Since incorporating the big shots like the X-Force might not be a suitable option for television ,Fox could place their bet on The Young X-men.In the lines of what Marvel is doing with 'The Defenders' ,the Young X-men are a team of young mutants trained by Cyclops. It is also to be noted that the Young X-Men comics were written by Marc Guggenheim who now writes for the hit TV show Arrow. Besides it would a chance for James Marsden to get a lot more screen time.

This could be a great choice for Fox and could make a spot for it in the ever expanding television universe. The show could focus on the origin story of the team and could go on to show how would they play an important role in the X-Verse. It won't be an easy path for Fox nonetheless. It must get through to Marvel and build on the team from the ground up. Occasional popping of characters like wolverine,deadpool and gambit would bring it to the fore of television awesomeness


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