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I'll go ahead and bow down to Mr. Serkis right now. I mean, if there is a geek nirvana, I believe Andy Serkis has achieved it. Forgetting about the new ground he broke with the Gollum and King Kong, he'll be in both Avengers 2 and [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158). And that's on top the amazing Planet of the Apes movies that he's completely owning. We're not worthy! We're not worthy!

So we have a pretty strong inkling of Andy Serkis' role in the Avengers sequel - but what exactly is up with his role in the upcoming Star Wars movies?

Let it be known that you will venture forth into possible SPOILER territory below, young Jedi.

The Future of the Dark Side

One thing that's been more or less confirmed is that it is indeed Andy Serkis' voice that we hear on the trailer saying, "There has been an awakening..." I'll add it again, because can we really watch this thing too many times?

The possible leaks that have come out regarding Star Wars Episode 7 and Andy Serkis' role place him squarely on the dark side of things. The plot rumors have things as being relatively quiet since the event of Return of the Jedi, with the Empire taking up a role as "Inquisitors" and sending out troopers to hunt down those with a predilection for The Force.

As you can gather from the trailer there has been an "awakening" but not only on the side of The Force. What we are supposed to see in Episode 7 is how the dark side evolved after the rule of Emperor Palpatine. And this is where Andy Serkis' character comes in.

Is this our first look at Andy Serkis' character?
Is this our first look at Andy Serkis' character?

A New Emperor or a New Vader?

While Andy Serkis is rumored to play the main Sith character of the film - it doesn't look like he's someone who's vying for the title of Emperor. It appears his character is linked to that of Adam Driver's in the film. Adam Driver's Red Squadron leader is representing the path to the dark side as opposed to John Boyega's path to The Force.

Driver will reportedly be obsessed with the Sith and sets out to find Andy Serkis character - which is a part of the scene we see represented here from the trailer:

If rumors are true it could be that Serkis' character is a type of Sith that we have not come across before - perhaps a new species altogether! He's supposedly an old Sith with ties to Emperor Palpatine but with a new set of plans and a formidable set of mind-control skills. And yes, it could be that we will find out that Serkis does indeed have a "Darth" name.

I'm kind of hoping these rumors are true. Who better to be the new Darth bad-guy than Serkis? What remains to be seen is how unrecognizable he'll be in this role. From the sound of things it could be a lot of old-aging or some big-time alien face he could be acting through. Whatever the case - there aren't many actors out there who give me as much confidence as Andy Serkis does. How about you?


Do you like the idea of Andy Serkis being the main bad guy for the next trilogy of Star Wars films?


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