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I tried to hide many spoilers but some would be left out unknowingly, dont complain cause SPOILERS FOLLOW!

Last night ABC showed finale of Resurrection Season 2. And my God its a show worth watching.Of course Season 1 has hit a low but by end and Season 2 it gets fishy and interesting.

A series where death ones return from dead in resident of Arcadia, Missouri. The first season revolves around 4-5 death ones. And when town gets divided into two, ones who except the returns as family while other see them as Act of Evil,

by the end of Season 1 there are plenty of of people returning from the dead.Army has to be called - government takes over. Keeps the unclaimed Returns for themself while other are given back to claimers.


Meet The Langstons
Meet The Langstons

Town consists of a family, Langstons. Well known,respectable. Henry played by Kurtwood Smith and his brother Sheriff Fred played by Matt Craven. Henry lives with wife Lucille (Frances Fisher). While Fred lives with his daugther Dr. Maggie Langston played by Devin Kelley.

Things take a unexpected turn when Henry and Lucille's 8-year old boy Jacob returns from dead, after being dead for 32 years. Died saving his Aunt Barbara (Wife of Fred, who also returns) from drowning in a river.

Hello! Im Jacob, I Died and Returned
Hello! Im Jacob, I Died and Returned

Marty a Customs and Immigration agent handles the case of Jacob only to find Jacob is not only one to return in Arcadia.


Show is based on Jason Mott's book, The Returned

Well first season, tells us about a heart touching story where we get to experience what will happen if one day our dead ones come to your doorstep. Dealing with aspect of are returns safe or dangerous. Same time trying to get answers.

While Season 2 gives answer behind history of returns, including how to bring a dead one back or to "disappear". Last 9 episode we get cameo from Game of Thrones Catelyn Stark, Michelle Fairley as overprotective mother of Henry & Fred.

Question is answered in the show
Question is answered in the show


It is show with great potential. Specially after last nights season 2 finale. Even with Season 1 (8 eps) ranking #11 and average viewers (in millions) of 12.96 according Nielsen Ratings ABC renewed for Season 2 (12 eps) hoping for better ratings. shows ratings of 7.5 with mixed or average response, Resurrection also scored 60 out of 100 on Metacritic and 52% on Rotten Tomatoes. On basis of that its decent enough for a show with no big names in it.


A Show no one watching
A Show no one watching

ABC is not known for cancelling a show but with all the mixed repsonse and no official word to weather we will get Season 3 or not. Series ended on a somewhat cliffhanger and I will be hoping Resurrections get renewed for Season 3.

With so many Drama shows running these days, ABC itself have a good list. Resurrection is somewhat left behind/unnoticed. Not saying its a great or best show ever. I as watcher admit its not the best show but it has great story and list of actors. Potential is good not bad.


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