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Seeing as this little bit of information was going rather crazy on twitter, I thought that I could take a look at what exactly all the fuss is about. The vast majority of players seem to be unaware of this phenomenon in Super Mario Brothers on the NES, but some claim they knew from the beginning. All we know, is that this information was hidden and would have prevented the breakages of a lot of controllers.

I'm quite amazed by how viral this discussion went, I mean, so many of you still play the NES! In a way, though a bit of a digression, it's like embracing the birth of cinema. Going back and staring at those black and white images absent of sound, imagining a whole change in culture and time and technology. Ah look, my film background is showing. Allow me to tuck that back in....Games, games, games, games! So what's this little secret then? And did you know about it?


Super Mario Brothers Secret

So, Sivablue on Reddit has managed to gather the attention of a lot of gamers, with his original post on Reddit now being followed with almost 500 comments. What's all the fuss about then? Well, it turns out that we could have saved a lot of lives and a lot of progress.

When you're waiting at the main menu on Super Mario Brothers on the NES, looking at the beautifully nostalgic presentation of pixels and glee, if you hit the 'A' and Start button at the same time, Mario comes back to life. But not just anywhere, he comes back exactly where you just died!

Yep, all of your progress is saved and you can just carry on from the spot you were standing on. Well that would have saved a lot of effort. It makes me wonder whether some of the other games have secrets like this hidden away in them. I'll be sure to mash the hell of out of my controller later to find out.

So gamers, were you aware of this phenomenon? Because seriously, this would completely alter the way in which you feel about difficulty in terms of a Mario game if you consistently utilised this little cheat! Let us know in the comments! Oh...wanna see a great Super Smash Bros. screenshot? I mean, need I even ask?! Of course you want to see it, it's majestic and beautiful. I mean, they're perfect for one another!

You know what he says, "No one in this world will ever love you more than yourself." Bit sad, but there you have it!


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