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Boston has enough on it's plate thanks to the adverse weather conditions sweeping the city, but now it has multiple yeti sightings to contend with to boot.

While the thought of peering into swirling torrents of snow and suddenly seeing an almighty yeti emerge might be yellow snow making material, this snowman doesn't seem to be as abominable as he might first appear...

In fact, it seems like this bizarre winter visitor is more interested in doling out safety tips than devouring unsuspecting victims' faces.

And naturally, being a yeti, the mysterious creature is enjoying the snow and reveling in the few days of the year that he can luxuriate in his natural habitat.

Although it would not be unreasonable to assume that the yeti is a well-weathered snow expert, clearly nobody informed him about the enforced travel ban.

It's as yet unknown if the Boston Yeti is affiliated with the Boston Snowst, although the pair do appear to have similar interests...

One thing's for sure, this friendly bigfoot must be related to the kind-hearted nostalgic gem below! They certainly share the same affection for humankind and a sense of humor!

(Source: Mashable)


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