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Over the course of 10 years we watched as J.K.Rowling's beloved book series and magical universe was brought to life on screen. With so many hours of Harry Potter to both watch and read, the series has defined a generation and ensured that it will live on for generations of children to come.

These brilliant Tumblr users have obviously watched Harry Potter a few more times than is probably recommended, but in return they've made some hilarious, awesome and heart wrenching discoveries about this magical franchise.

Take a look at when Tumblr totally figured out Harry Potter:

1. When they called out Dumbledore

Even as a 10 year old reading the first book in the series I had major issues with this part of the story. Sure the kids had Hagrid and Fang to look after them, but come on!

2. When they realized Umbridge didn't think about every type of relationship

I can't help but imagine that Dumbledore especially had a bit of a smirk on his face when he heard this rule from Umbridge.

3. When they called out this muggle

Seriously, though, Neville's got this.

4. When they brought up a very real issue facing Ravenclaws

There were definitely a few occasions when the students at Hogwarts let loose and had a few drinks, and while I thought it would be hard enough to be a Gryffindor and remember a password, having to actually think about the answer to a riddle would be completely beyond me after a few fire whiskeys.

5. When they got inside Sirius' weird thought process

Oh Sirius, your thought process might have been a bit off, but your intentions were good.

6. When they totally figured out who this Prime Minister was

This is definitely J.K.Rowling poking fun, right?

7. When they blew the truth about Kenneth Branagh wide open

Firstly I had no idea that Gilderoy Lockheart a.k.a. Kenneth Branagh was the director of Thor, however after this Tumblr comment I'm not so sure he actually had anything to do with Thor, and instead was really just Lockheart who had perfected the oblivate curse (after his surprising full recovery at St. Mungo's of course).

8. When they spotted Harry's 'WTF' face

Imagine if you had no idea you were a wizard (I know, I know, we can dream), and all a sudden at the age of 11-years-old you were in this grand old castle that was your new school and you were being spoken to by some wizened old dude about being killed in a painful manner if you dared enter the third floor corridor. Yeah, I can't help but think my face would look eerily similar.

9. When they felt angry on Hagrid's behalf

Poor Hagrid, the only true parent Harry ever had and he doesn't even name his kid after him!? I only hope he was godfather to one or more of the children, because he damn well proved himself as an awesome friend and caregiver to Harry.

10. When they really got us right in the emotions

Oh god, Fred's death in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was such an unexpected death that I remember having to read that part of the book more than once to wrap my head around what just happened.

However, as heart wrenching as the picture above is, prepare yourself for this gif. When Harry came back to life in the eighth movie, George and Molly both turn around looking for Fred, hoping he had been resurrected too, George had even begun to say 'Fred.'

Right. In. The. Feels.

Which of these did you enjoy the most? Let me know below!

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