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While some deaths in Disney films are almost impossible to forget (Bambi's mom and Mufasa immediately spring to mind), some, possibly because they happen to more minor characters, are a little easier to pass from memory.

While Disney has a gift with creating pleasant, happy and vibrant storylines, they also occasionally tuck in some very gruesome deaths. Take a look back at these four Disney death scenes that might have passed you by as a child, but upon a reexamine are actually quite horrific ways to go!

1. When the charming Beauty and the Beast wardrobe went full scale murderer

We're introduced to a lot of unique and fun characters in the Disney Renaissance classic Beauty and the Beast, including the former lady-in-waiting turned wardrobe. Wardrobe, aside from being quite imposing with her rather large size, is depicted as a kind and funny character, who just had the misfortune to be turned into a wardrobe by the curse over the castle.

However, it's not until the end of the film that Wardrobe shows her true colors when, during the castle battle scene, she throws herself off off the second floor and onto one of the villagers below, instantly crushing him to death. Due to the way that Wardrobe crashes down upon this guy (who, yes, admittedly was out for the Beasts blood) it's fair to say that his internal organs and skeletal structure would have been crushed, instantly killing him. Brutal.

Source: Dorkly
Source: Dorkly

2. When Toy Story blew up Combat Carl right before our eyes

Toy Story was the story that started it all for Pixar Animation Studios, and their first film certainly didn't hold back with the brutality! While everyone remembers that the film centers around Buzz and Woody trying to escape the evil neighbor Sid before being blasted to pieces with a rocket, what you might not remember is that we already witnessed Sid blowing up one innocent toy, a Combat Carl.

His swift and brutal death served as a little more than a plot device, so that audiences truly knew the lengths this psychopath-in-training would go to, but that doesn't mean that seeing his little limbs and other body parts sprayed on screen was any less painful.

RIP Combat Carl.

3. When The Black Cauldron literally tore strips off a guy

The Black Cauldron was a poorly received Disney film released in 1985, just four years before the Disney Renaissance began. The film centers around an evil Horned King trying to get the Black Cauldron in order to rule the world! Fortunately the Horned King is opposed by four heroes, and after trying to stop the Horned King and his undead army, the cauldron's magic is out of control and uses all of its power to literally consume the Horned King.

Seriously this death doesn't hold back - his skin literally gets torn from his bones, and then his skeleton collapses and is presumably reduced to dust. I'm not saying that he didn't deserve it, but this is a pretty intense death for anyone, even a horrible villain.

Source: Dorkly
Source: Dorkly

4. When Mulan killed an entire army

Obviously Mulan is a movie about war, and in war there will be casualties, but rarely are there so many casualties steaming from one attack! In this scene when the Huns ambushed Mulan and her fellow troops there were bound to be some deaths no matter how the fight played out, but the total annihilation that followed after Mulan fires a rocket into a mountain, causing an avalanche, is beyond belief.

Imagine the terrifying sprint for your life when you realize that tons of snows are rumbling towards you and there is no possibility for escape? What else could you except take a deep breath and try and remember which way is up so you could start digging yourself out - provided the sheer weight of the snow didn't crush you to death, that is.

Source: Dorkly
Source: Dorkly

What Disney movie scarred you the most? Tell me over here!

Source: Dorkly


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