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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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After all of the fan-made videos and independent horror efforts, isn't it time we had a proper, big-budget, cinema-scaring Slender Man movie? There's certainly enough fan demand for a Slender horror - the public are desperate for even a glimpse of Slender Man.

I've written before about supposed historical clues and mythological similarities to Slender Man, but one woman in Staffordshire, England believes she's managed what nobody else has done before - take a genuine photo of Slender Man.

Christine Hammlett took this photo

Incredibly, Christine - known locally as a psychic - was investigating other paranormal phenomena in the area when she stumbled across what she believes to be Slender Man, saying:

I have been going up those woods for months and taken lots of photos but I had never noticed this before.

It kind of looks like the top half of Slender Man like his shoulders and head, with the bottom half covered by bushes. I couldn't believe it. It could well be him.
It would make sense after all these other sightings. It's really exciting that this could actually be a picture of him caught on camera and the only one so far.

Wait, hold up there - 'other sightings'?

Created images of Slender Man
Created images of Slender Man

Fellow paranormal investigator Lee Brickley shared accounts from eyewitnesses in England, UK who swear that they've seen Slender Man. One said:

While taking a midnight stroll... last Friday morning, I happened to notice a strange figure in the distance.

If I were to compare it to anything, I would say it looked like a stereotypical Victorian gentleman - long, black overcoat.

All this is to say - We NEED some Slender Cinema!

The Slender movie Entity (see the creepy trailer above) was a fun film, but horror fans need more - MORE I tell thee! Come on, Hollywood, take our damn money!

Source: The Mirror, DeviantArt


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