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We all have our favorite movie from our childhood and I can imagine that in most of our minds they are examples of cinematic perfection.

Unfortunately, such a thing doesn't exist and even beloved family movies are beset by pesky continuity errors, crews being where they're not supposed to be and general movie-making slip ups.

Here are 8 of them. Full credit to for the time and painstaking attention to detail needed to spot all of these.

1. Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets - Crew Member in Shot

Being on your knees isn't going to hide the fact your clearly a middle-aged man at a Wizard school, pal.

2. Ghostbusters - Reused Shot

The photo used for the newspaper halfway through the movie is in fact a frame from a later scene.

3. Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory - On Screen Child Abuse

When singing 'The Candy Man Can,' the titular candy man accidentally thwacks one of the young kids on the chin with part of the bar. She's a consumate professional, and carries on with the scene. What a pro.

If you want to see the scene in question, check out the video below and skip to around 1:58.

4. Tangled - Shackles Reappear

5. Toy Story - No reflection in the TV

So, this means their vampires, right? I feel a new fan theory coming on.

6. The Little Mermaid - Ariel's Hair Changes Instantly

7. Back To The Future - Dials Change

Not only is the DeLorean's milage higher earlier in the movie than later (but I guess it is a time machine), but the needle also changes throughout the movie.

8. Beauty and the Beast - Belle's Ribbon Mysteriously Disappears and Reappears

Source: MovieMistakes


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