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Only a few weeks after Gary Whitta departed Gareth Edwards' (Godzilla, 2014) stand alone Star Wars movie, Team Edwards have managed to get their hands on a new writer!

Writer/director Chris Weitz has climbed aboard the rampaging Disney train and will be creating the action in a galaxy far, far away with the Star Wars spin off! Weitz is better known for penning the Academy Award nominated movie adaptation of About A Boy and Disney's impending live action Cinderella.

Chris Weitz
Chris Weitz

His directorial credits include The Golden Compass (for which he also wrote the script), the Academy Award nominated A Better Life, American Pie and Twilight: New Moon.

Hopefully this will spell good things for Edwards' spin off, but having a writer of Weitz calibre, with a multitude of box office hits under his hat can only be a good thing.

But What Exactly Could He Bring To Star Wars?


Weitz's oeuvre covers a multitude of genres from kids movies, teen gross out/fantasy romance and adult drama, so he will be more than capable of bringing the humor, emotion and grounding needed for a capable Star Wars movie.

Fantasy Action

After directing both Twilight: New Moon and The Golden Compass, Weitz is no stranger to over the top fantasy action. Men that turn into wolves and a legion of ice bears? Yeah, I think he'll do alright.

The Star Wars spin off is slated for a December 2016 release, and, much like you guys, cannot wait to hear some more news about it. It shows serious intent that some big names in indie sci-fi have been recruited into the Star Wars universe. I mean Rian Johnson making a Star Wars movie fills me with a child like glee!

What about you guys?

Looking forward to Gareth Edward and Chris Weitz's Star Wars spin off? Have a little reminder of Edwards' skill behind the camera with the epic Godzilla trailer!

(Source: Empire Online)


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