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If you have been living under a rock these days/months. I got news everyone knows. Jared Leto from Dallas Buyers Club is playing Batman's arch nemesis Joker in DC's Suicide Squad. We all know Jared is a talented actor but is that enough to be a Joker?

I will be not talking about why or should Jared Leto play the iconic character because Im down with him playing Joker.

In fact I wanna point out some facts and then get to my point where Im confuse and ask you guys

Why I think he should Play

  • He is great actor and is not afraid to choose a outlook
Do I look like a Guy with a Plan?
Do I look like a Guy with a Plan?
  • He got the look for madness
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  • He chooses whats best for him and he got a Oscar
Be scared, real scared
Be scared, real scared

With filming starting this April, cast for whole Sucide Squad is done deal. With many big names but what caught my eye were, my favourite Will Smith as Deadshot, Jared Leto as Joker and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, somewhat love interest of the Joker. Just to be sure anyone who would be casted for Harley I would love it cause its about time we see a movie adaption to the fan favourite character.

Back to Jared Leto and Joker. In my opinion he/joker needs 3 things, chemistry with Harley/Margot, chemistry with Batman/Ben and third chemistry with craziness/madness. If he pulls that then DC Movie Universe has its Joker.

If only Heath Ledger was alive, you and I and many others say that.

With this I bring to you to my dilemma.

The Dilemma

Who was Better?
Who was Better?

Where to look for inspiration? Jack Nicholson's or Heath Ledger's Joker?

Where Jack Nicholson's Joker was a crazy and creepy adaption, kinda like Tim Burton character. Had its timings and moments as what a "Real Joker" has. Pulling out pranks being fun and joyful (some of because of the failed plastic surgery resembles a smile) but its scary. Jack's joker was maniac a pyschopath. In movie he murdered Bruce Wayne's parents so that makes him important and more evil.

If Jared Leto looks for such depictation, I would love it cause this adapation of Joker makes me feel like a Comic Book Joker, simple,funny and crazy.


Heath Ledger's dark joker. In a Nolan's Batman universe where it seems everything is realistic ( meaning no so called super villains of character). This aspect makes his movies even more lovable. Here joker with sense of results and creator of chaos, a chaos lover. Scary backgroud theme and realistic makeup. Being highly intelligent and serious. Heath ledger's joker was not funny but more of sarcasm type of joker. In truth he was more like a dark joker rather than a comic book villain. All he loved was creating trouble for the Dark Knight.

If Jared Leto looks for such depictation, I would love to see a similar character from Dark Knight movie but it will be hard and can back fire the actor if it goes wrong.

I'm not a monster, I'm just hard character to act
I'm not a monster, I'm just hard character to act

This is where I doubt a character like this. Having said that I personally think Jared Leto should bring his own version of Joker. Something similar to Batman video game series Joker.

Where he joker was dark,funny,sarcastic,evil,Batman hater/friend you get that point. With some plot leaked that Joker will be in Asylum before Batman Solo movie. This could make sense that at time of Sucide Squad release, the movie universe has already seen a Joker vs Batman many times behind scenes.

Why I think that way? according to JoBlo reports, Joker will have scarred body because of his battles with batman. This helps character with its darkness from comic book, scared of batman but not kind of deal And much of the movie Joker will be in Asylum pulling the strings from there.

Any how this is a leak and movie still has 2 years for release things change,story change.

So Jared Leto bringing his own version is my opinion

I hate these fan arts but still
I hate these fan arts but still

What will be more important then thinking what Joker to follow for his own character is Harley Quinn. What relationship we will see. Margot Robbie got the looks and got the craziness. Will these two look good?

In the end,

Well, I think these two need to steal the show with their chemistry cause in movie they both are fan favourite and well known. Can they do it or will other member of Squad will steal the limelight, let me know in comment section!


Jared Leto as Heath Ledger's or Jack Nicholson's Joker or his own version?


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