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Beware: possible comic and TV show spoilers ahead. Consider yourself warned.

Before we take this discussion any further you need to have watched the latest trailer for Season 5b. For those of you who haven't checked it out, you can do so here, go on, we'll wait:

So, after watching that awesome trailer those clever fans over at The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page came to an awesome realization that a very gory behind-the-scenes photo they had received way back in September, had made an appearance in the trailer:

Did you spot it in the trailer? It appears very briefly at the end when Rick steps out of the car, wielding his famous red handled machete (a.k.a. the machete that he killed Gareth and one of the prison inmates with).

Apparently the fans over at The Spoiling Dead Fans are pretty savvy when it comes to cars, and a commenter believes it may be a 1975 Cadillac DeVille. Not a bad ride, Rick! But aside from what make and model the car is, the smart money is on the fact that the quick snippet from the trailer probably takes place after a scene from the comic series in which Rick plows through a mega herd of walkers with Abraham shooting from the back, take a look at the panel below:

What do you think, is this how the car got so gory? Tell me your theory here.

Source: The Spoiling Dead


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