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There have been plenty of sharp-tongued (and unfounded) rumors about the negative influence of Nikki Reed on the Vampire Diaries set, but fans should consider giving the girl a break because it seems like she's really helping Ian.

An insider source has spoken out exclusively to Hollywood life about how Nikki has been using her directing expertise to support her new fiancee, Ian, with his Vampire Diaries directorial debut, and it sounds like she is being a really positive influence. The source told interviewers that:

Nikki has been helping Ian get ready for his directorial debut because she has done it before and he really appreciates her input and insight. He really is fully prepared for this and very excited and nervous, he wants it to go perfect and Nikki has helped him out immensely

While I don't doubt that Ian has enough experience in front of the camera to have the insider knowledge needed to successfully direct, I can understand why he would be nervous about the prospect.

As someone who plays arguably the show's most popular character, he has a lot to prove, and all eyes will well and truly be on him when episode 16 of Season 6 (titled 'The Downward Spiral') arrives.

Although there is a lot of pressure on the star, it's good to see he is receiving a wealth of support from his wife-to-be and he certainly isn't letting the stress get to him too much!


Do you think Ian's episode will be one of the best in the season?

(Source: Hollywood Life)


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