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Guys, I hate to break it to you, but Paul Wesley might not be the stand up guy that we have all been led to believe that he is!

The Vampire Diaries star has admitted that he made some alterations to the episodes of the hit CW show that he directed, and most of us would not approve of them. Yep, that's right, he deleted not one, but two shirtless Stefan scenes from the script!

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly about directing the latest episode (last weeks 'Woke Up With a Monster'), Paul confessed to interviewers that:

I actually think I took out a shirtless scene again

The star explained that he chose to snip out a scene that involves a shirtless Stefan Salvatore waking up and sexily sauntering across the Salvatore mansion.

Don't worry though, fans of Paul's unparalleled abs (sorry, Ian) didn't miss out on too much. The 32-year-old hunk reassured lovers of the flesh that there was plenty of other shirtless Stefan action in the scene to make up for a few lost seconds.


(Source: IBT via Entertainment Weekly)


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