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With the tantalizing title of 'A Prayer for the Dying', it looks like someone will be biting the dust in The Vampire Diaries next week, but who is most likely to meet their bitter end?

There's no shortage of characters in peril at the moment, but which one do you think is the most likely to end up dying?

Here is my roundup of the most likely candidates so you can cast your votes on who will leave their mortal coil at the end of the article.


Jo might not have totally mastered her witching skills, but she was still the only one in her supremely screwed up family who could stand up to the challenge of taking on sadistic Kai.

Unfortunately, Jo just didn't have the strength to maintain her powers for long enough to cloak Damon and Elena to safety, and she is really going to have to up her game to be able to match Kai's current levels of power.

Will this driven woman's witchy weaknesses be her downfall?

Sheriff Forbes

Sheriff Forbes certainly seems to be on the path to her inevitable doom in this weeks episode thanks to Caroline's touching gesture that is about to backfire spectacularly.

After experimenting on a dying cancer patient by giving him vampire blood, Caroline is shortsightedly fooled into thinking that it is a miracle cure.

Unfortunately, after Caroline had encouraged her mom to drink down a bloody broth in front of the TV, we are shown the original recipient of the 'healing' blood dying an excruciatingly painful death.

This might be terrible for Sheriff Forbes, but Steroline shippers are loving the bittersweet togetherness this is bringing to the fan-favorite ship!

Do you think this is really the end for Sheriff Forbes, or does someone have a life-saving trick up their sleeve?


It has been revealed that Liv is the weakest of the twins, which means she is certain to die if she was was to merge with Luke.

It also goes without saying that she is absolutely no match for Kai if he turns his attentions to her.

The twins' storyline this season has been pretty negligible and dull, so I would put Liv at the top of the "at risk" list for these reasons.


Who do you think will die next episode?

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