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The immensely popular award winning show The Big Bang Theory has had audiences and critics alike in stitches, attracting some of the highest ratings on TV - but what is the secret to its outstanding success?

I think I might just have an idea of who's behind Big Bang's hilarity, but first, let's just remind ourselves why we love it so much with a classic Sheldon scene!

If you take a brief look at CBS's other successful shows, an interesting trend begins to emerge. Two and a Half Men once sat at the ratings throne, before Big Bang rose up the ranks. Likewise, Mike & Molly and Mom have also proved to be big hits, but what do they all have in common?

Well, this guy:

Don't recognise him? Well, that's because he works his magic behind the camera! He's the enormously talented writer, director and producer Chuck Lorre. It seems like everything he touches turns to gold, but what makes him so special?

Well, who better to ask than the people who work with him every day?! The following celebrity co-workers were all asked one question: 'What makes his shows work?'

Here are their responses:

Jim parsons (star of Big Bang)

Chuck was a musician before he was a writer, and one thing all of these shows have in common is a rhythm. These shows [perform strongly when in repeats]. You’ve seen them three times, but it’s like a pop song—its got rhythm.

Simon Helberg (star of Big Bang)

He’s a barometer for the truth. Like Jim was saying about the rhythm, he has perfect pitch for the truth. You know if [we hear] Chuck laughing, you know the majority of people will also laugh.

Ashton Kutcher (star of Two and Half Men)

I think the biggest thing is these shows work because they’re all built on family—broken, beat-up, messed-up families—that are just like yours. Chuck works with people who understand that. They’re broken, messed up, familiar. And if you have one, you know what it’s like. You sit at home and you laugh at yourself.

Lee Aronsohn (co-creator of Two and a Half Men)

The simple answer is Chuck. Chuck is hands-on for each of his shows. Without Chuck, none of this exists.

Anna Faris (star of Mom)

I think [it’s the] humanity dimension. I have never gotten to play a character as well rounded.

So there you have it. The genius of The Big Bang Theory doesn't lie within its characters' impressive intellects, but in its creator's.


Which show is the best?

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]


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