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(Note, potential SPOILERS for X-Men: Apocalypse below...)

When it comes to ridiculously over-exciting upcoming Marvel movies, there's more than one Age set to arrive. Sure, Avengers: Age of Ultron looks set to to dominate this coming year - and rightly so - but 2016 is set to see the arrival of a very different age. The Age...of Apocalypse.

That's right, X-Men: Apocalypse is set to hit our screens, and it could be set to shake up the X-Men movie universe forever. The reason?

If it's anything as dark - or as awesome - as the comic-book story-line it's set to be based on, it'll be unlike any other superhero movie we've ever seen.

And why's that? Well, for one thing...

Things are Going to Get REALLY Dark

As in, one of the comic-book's main villains was literally named Holocaust (above), and spent a whole lot of the story massacring huge numbers of civilians.

It was, after all, a time-line in which Apocalypse, a genocidal maniac intent on destroying all human-kind, had set about destroying the world as we know it - and succeeded.

Now, it all came about because (and I'm paraphrasing here) Charles Xavier was killed by his time-travelling son, and as a result his dream of human-mutant harmony never even came close to becoming a reality. Which, just throwing it out there, is (minus the time-travelling son part) a pretty natural plot-line to expect to see come 2016...

That being said, though...

The Heroes Won't Be Who You're Expecting

One of the most memorable features of the Age of Apocalypse - and one that, should the movie take us to a similar alternate time-line, we're almost certain to see - is the flipping of a whole lot of characters from villainy to heroism.

Which means the ruthless, pragmatic Magneto is the closest thing this reality has to a visionary hero - and Sabretooth its equivalent of the rough-and-tumble Wolverine.

Speaking of which...

It Features a Very Different Kind of Wolverine

Or, rather, one who's a lot closer to the Wolverine we saw way back in the first X-Men movie - a loner, close to Jean Grey, but alienated from the rest of the X-Men.

If we see Wolverine in X-Men: Apocalypse, then? Expect a brutal, vicious, solitary version of the hero - with, most likely, only one hand, and an even bigger chip on his shoulder than usual.

Which, in fairness, sounds like something Hugh Jackman would be totally down to play...


The Villains Aren't Who You'd Expect Either

As in, they include a version of The Beast who's essentially a Nazi war criminal, practicing a distorted form of science closer to that of Josef Mengele than the Henry McCoy we know and love.

And, of course, a brutal, one-eyed alternate version of Cyclops...

The key part about both heroes?

They now work for Apocalypse...

The worst part, though?

It Doesn't End Well...

As in, in order to reset the time-line to the Marvel Universe we all know and love, a whole lot of X-Men have to die.

Colossus has a particularly hard time of it - leaving his young mutant charges to die as part of a rescue mission, and then inadvertently killing Kitty Pryde shortly after - and then, while still on a murderous rampage, being killed by Gambit.

Plus, his bandana is entirely impractical.
Plus, his bandana is entirely impractical.

Meanwhile, a whole lot of the X-Men are either dying, or have been long-since killed off - and the happy ending?

The heroes manage to restore the original time-line - without stopping theirs from existing. Which is kind of awkward, since nuclear bombs are about to be dropped on Manhattan, stopping Apocalypse once and for all.

And, crucially, set to kill every last one of the X-Men.

Now, that ending was later altered to allow the heroes to survive, but even so - if X-Men: Apocalypse is even half as dark as that, it's going to make Dredd look like a Disney movie...

What do you guys think, though? Will X-Men: Apocalypse be as dark as the comic-books? How closely will it even be adapted? Are there any particular AoA characters you're desperate to see appear?


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