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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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As if Batman didn't have enough fantastic and psychopathic nemeses in his Rogue's Gallery, it seems one super Bat-fan wants to add another face to the ever expanding list. But this character may prove a difficult one to overcome...

Fan film director Mike Donis and writer/actor Alexander Brovedani have postulated that one very familiar forensic blood splatter analyst would prove a formidable foe for The Dark Knight and his huddle of enemies.

All that's left to ponder now is who would win in a battle of the body and the mind between Dexter and the Batman...

Pretty interesting, right? The postulation of what could happen when two psychopathic anti-heroes blessed with super smarts lock horns.

You didn't watch it? Well, fine then here's a...


Cause it's the treatment this great video needs and deserves.

Flappy Bird

Looks like Cobblepot is pretty upset about something, as ever.


All of a sudden the lights start flickering and The Penguin sends his goons to find out why.

"Hello, Penguin."

Dexter has his man and knocks him out with a general anesthetic to the neck.

Atone For Your Sins

In traditional Dexter fashion, he regales The Penguin with all the evils he has done. And leaves his mark upon his face.

The selling of men into slavery and the raping and mutilation of innocent women doesn't sit well with Morgan.

Who's That In The Shadows?

Now there's a Batman. Right on time... halt Dexter's retribution.

"He's Real?!"

Yes indeed and quite the fighter, too.

Bats is just showing off now.

"My Second Needle"

Batman should've known not to take Dexter lightly...

...and takes an anesthetic and a boot to the face instead...

...temporarily stunning him, but of course he has an antidote!

That's enough of that now, you're gonna have to watch the short film for the ending! It's a really fun fan film and would make for an awesome longer feature. I hope it happens!

Source: Toronto Batman via YouTube


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