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Do you think that $60 to $70 is mad expensive for a video game? How about $500 for a next-gen console, without the bundled game and, if you're lucky, a second controller? The rising prices of our much loved hobby is enough to put off some gamers and send them scurrying to the comforting halls of the Steam Sale.

But these prices can be passed off as pocket change when compared to the GoldStriker PS3 Extreme or say the NEC TurboExpress! These infinitely collectible oddities rank as two of the most expensive consoles of all time and two of the most odd. They do however recline within esteemed company, so let's take a gander at these digital slayers of wallets...

The Most Expensive Games Consoles Of All Time

Handheld - NEC TurboExpress

The Game Boy and Game Gear rival initially launched in 1990 for $250 which now stands at a whopping $452! But hardware discrepancies, mediocre games and its ridiculously high retail price saw the TurboExpress crash and burn. But it did manage to have a cameo in Tony Scott's Enemy Of The State!

Console - Goldstriker PS3 Extreme

Considering when the PS3 cost a staggering $600 ($685 today) when it first launched, British jewelry designer Stuart Hughes decided to amp up the level of bewildered amazement with his solid gold monstrosity.

Designed for the website GoldStriker International, that devotes its time to selling ridiculous products to the filthy rich and decadent, the PS3's shell was crafted with over 1,600 grams of solid 22 karat gold and the disc entrance was embellished with 58 individually set .50 carat flawless diamonds. Only three were ever made and they retailed for £199,995 which, in dollars, is now $380,208!

Hughes also took it upon himself to create a solid gold version of the Nintendo Wii, which would today cost roughly $570,000. Bargain.

Console - SNK Neo Geo

At first the AES was only available to retail outlets and restaurants due to its heritage as one of the most powerful arcade units of its time. But due to increased attention from customers, SNK released the ol' legend commercially for a whopping $650 - now $1,175!

But get this... each game retailed for roughly $200 ($362 now)! Today's price for a Neo Geo game costs more than an Xbox One. Now that's ridiculous!

Console - Phillips CD-i

Arguably panned as one of the worst consoles of all times, the CD-i somehow managed to shift 1 million units! Possibly due to Phillips' brief partnership with Nintendo which also saw them release some of the most terrible Zelda games known to man.

This handsome creature cost $700 upon release, which now stands at almost $1,300! Over a grand for this...

There we have it, a run down of a few of the most expensive consoles of all time. Suddenly $400 for a Playstation 4 doesn't look so bad, huh?


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