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Everyone knows Boba Fett is the most badass character in the entire Star Wars universe (sorry Han, but it's true), and this is despite the fact his eventual 'death' was a little bit underwhelming.

However, those of you who know your Star Wars extended universe will know that Boba Fett in fact survived his encounter with the Sarlacc, due primarily to his Mandalorian armor. Now, thanks to artist Ryan Flowers, you too can get hold of his ironic helmet and breastplate. Check it out below:

Flowers' creation (which is intended primarily for airsoft and not intergalactic battles and/or surviving the interior of a Sarlacc) can be yours for the not too unreasonable price of $325.

Unfortunately, this price only includes the helmet, and you'll have to fork out extra for the rest of the armor. As well as the helmet, Flowers also provides chest/shoulder armor, gauntlets, a jet pack and of course, that all important cod piece. You don't want to go into battle without that.

Source: FashionablyGeeky


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