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In 265 days, we will have finally arrived at the date when Marty McFly appears in the future in the iconic time-traveling romp Back To The Future II. The movie managed to stoke the fires of our imaginations and lead us to believe that 26 years into the future, after the movie's original release, kids would be practicing their hoverboard skills in parking lots, the skies would be littered with flying cars attempting to circumnavigate terrified birds, and we'd all be wearing clothes... backwards, for some reason.

Only one of those bold ideas has managed to come to fruition, but, with that in mind, casting an eye back and forth between the future of Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis' ideals of the future and its present state, how much did Back To The Future II get right?

The peeps over at Stay Sourced have put together a beautiful timeline of the movie's fantastic predictions and it seems were a lot closer to the future than we think...

Back To The Future's 2015 vs. The Real 2015

Hoverboards Are Go!

"Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads!"

Amazon Can Do No Wrong

I Cannot Wait To Get A Pair!

An Ode To Google Glass

Yet Another Future For Cinema?

Pretty mind blowing, right? The self tying shoes and Google Glass were a couple of things that really blew my mind in the last few years! But the movie did make a few mistakes too! Like fax machines, eating while you exercise and the significant lack of the internet, the foundation of our civilization!

But they can all be easily forgiven because SELF TYING SNEAKERS!

What do you guys make of the future?

Which of Back To The Future II's predictions most excites you?

(Source: Stay Sourced)


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