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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Since Jumpman first sprang into action in arcades during 1981, we have seen loads of incarnations of the legendary mustachioed plumber across various platforms, some of the games being good and the majority great!

But where the Super Mario games at times have lacked a storyline, people have still attempted to see if a link between the titular hero's games exists. A veritable timeline of sorts. Yeah, really.

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As daunting as that may seem at first, due to the games at times lacking a thoroughbred storyline, a new challenger (and victor I may add) has arrived on the scene in the form of YouTuber Scorpigator Films, who has valiantly cataloged a thoroughly detailed and extensive timeline of the epic series. It really is magical and a must see for Nintendo fans!

And if you've ever wondered what Mario spends all his coins on, the answer you seek will present itself below!

Check it...

Amazing, right? I love the way how Scorpigator Films devised the idea that after multiple botched attempts at capturing Princesses and ruling the Mushroom Kingdom with his scaly fist of evil, Bowser eventually gives up, 'cause Mario is a badass, and joins him in sporting events! Well, if you can't beat them...

(Source: Scorpigator Films via YouTube)


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