ByDaniel Pearson, writer at

The majestic Exodus: Gods and Kings was a true spectacle.

In awe-inspiring fashion, the film tells the story of Egyptian princes Moses (Christian Bale) and Ramses (Joel Edgerton), who are brought up as brothers only to fall out over slavery and differences in parentage. Ramses banishes Moses to the desert, but he shortly returns under Devine orders to free the Israelites!

And now, thanks to the work of Matte Shot Designer and Concept Artist Vincent Jenkins, we can see exactly how some of the film's beautiful shots were pieced together.

Jenkins takes picture stills from the set and manipulates them to show how they could look post-production. As fans, we rarely get an insight into how this works - it's fascinating!

Compare and contrast the on set images to Vincent's set extension concept art below:

Ramesses (played by Joel Edgerton) looks out over the Red Sea.

That's still a pretty big set!

So incredibly detailed!

Hail storm!

30ft Pharaohs!

Have you ever seen cooler concept art than this?


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