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It's been over 30 years since the John Milius directed fantasy action flick Conan the Barbarian hit screens. We watched as vengeful barbarian warrior, Conan avenged his tribe and parent who had been slain by a band of warriors led by the evil wizard Thulsa Doom.

Take a look back at the trailer for the 1982 epic action film and let the memories flood back:

But with such an epic film there are some amazing nuggets of trivia to go with it, check out these 9 Conan the Barbarian factoids:

1. Schwarzenegger undertook huge amounts of training for the role

Early 1980s Arnold Schwarzenegger was definitely not a wimpy dude, but apparently he still needed crazy amounts of training to look the part of Conan. All up Schwarzenegger has weapons training, martial arts training and horse riding lessons, and he trained with an 11 pound broadsword for two hours a day for three months! He also learned climbing techniques and how to fall, roll and jump from heights of up to 15 feet!

2. But before he could train he needed to tone DOWN

Arnold Schwarzenegger's arms and chest muscles were so enormous that they actually hindered his ability to wield a sword, so he needed to tone down his workout for the duration of film production.

3. The actors were spitting bloody vodka

The film used a type of fake blood which came in concentrated form and had to be mixed with water before use. Because the weather during filming was so cold, it was mixed with vodka so it wouldn't freeze like water would. In the scenes where the actors were supposed to spit the blood, they would cheekily swallow it instead and then go back to the man in charge of special effects for more.

4. It was originally going to be set in the future?!

Oliver Stone wrote the initial script for the film, which set the story in the future after the downfall of civilization. In addition to this, the film was going to be a four hour saga, with loads of creatures which would have cost $70 million to make. The studio obviously wasn't keen for this and John Milius came on board to direct and ended up rewriting much of Stone's script, including restoring the original timeline setting.

5. The stunts were all Arnie

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Conan) and Sandahl Bergman (Valeria) did all their own stunts in the film because suitable body doubles couldn't be found.

Speaking of Valeria...

6. Conan is a man of few words

Despite being shown together frequently throughout the film, Conan only speaks five words to Valeria in the whole movie, and they're all in the first 30 seconds after they meet: "You're not a guard" and "no."

So romantic!

7. The dogs used in the film were very vicious

The dogs used in the film were quite dangerous. Director John Milius spoke about them in the film, saying:

When you had the dogs chasing Arnold Schwarzenegger and he's running, he's actually running for his life because he knew those dogs were very dangerous and they even attacked their trainer.

In fact the dogs were so scary that Schwarzenegger suffered a back injury falling down rock as he tried to escape them after one of them jumped him from behind!

But that wasn't the only injury suffered on set!

8. Valeria lost the tip of her finger!

Valeria a.k.a. Sandahl Bergman says she almost had her finger cut off while they shot a sword-fighting scene for the film, yeouch! Here she is explaining how she almost lost the digit, and how she hid her hand in some of the scenes shot after the incident:

9. The vultures were real...and dead

During the crucifixion scene a real live vulture was used to peck at his wounds, however for the close up they used a real, but dead, vulture for him to bite into its throat! After the cut Schwarzenegger had to immediately rinse his mouth out to avoid disease.

What is your favorite Schwarzenegger film? Tell me over here!

Source: Geek Tyrant via IMDB


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