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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

1993 saw the release of another action packed, explosive and muscular movie based on a dystopian novel by a literary genius (Aldous Huxley's Brave New World) after 1990's excellent Total Recall (Phillip K. Dick's We Can Remember It For You Wholesale). Demolition Man, one of my most favorite films as a kid, and another to add to the list of Saw Way Too Young™, is 22 years old now and still as badass as the day I first saw it!

But what of its cast? What fares of them now...?

Time Flies: Demolition Man

Sergeant John Spartan - Sylvester Stallone

Did you know Stallone creates oil paintings in his spare time?

Last Seen In: The Expendables 3

Simon Phoenix - Wesley Snipes

Did you know Snipes is a fifth degree black belt in Shotokan karate?

Last Seen In: The Expendables 3

Doctor Raymond Cocteau - Nigel Hawthorne

Did you know that Hawthorne was considered to play Gandalf The Grey?

Died in December 26, 2001.

Officer Alfredo Garcia - Benjamin Bratt

Last Seen In: 24: Live Another Day (TV mini-series)

Lieutenant Lenina Huxley - Sandra Bullock

Did you know Bullock was considered as a potential Wonder Woman?

Last Seen In: Gravity

Edgar Friendly - Denis Leary

Last Seen In: Sirens (TV series)


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