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John Lasseter's animated classic Toy Story will forever be remembered for its charming sense of humor, life-like characters and stunning visual effects!

The 1995 masterpiece announced Pixar's arrival on the movie scene with a bang, and the studio have refused to slow down since their impeccable debut. Some would argue their best work followed, but I truly believe that Toy Story hasn't yet been topped.

However, despite it being one of my all-time favorite movies, there's a lot I never knew about Lasseter's pride and joy. with that in mind, here are nine Toy Story facts every true fan should know:

1. Sid is a real guy

Remember Sid? Of course you do - how could you forget after this epic scene?!

Sociopathic toy-surgeon Sid Phillips is supposedly based on a former Pixar employee who used to disassemble toys, using their parts to make wacky new creations.

2. All the eyes are out of sync

Have you ever noticed something slightly off with the characters' eyes? They never blink simultaneously, but rather one at a time.

3. Billy Crystal made the biggest mistake of his career

Before approaching Tim Allen, Pixar asked Billy Crystal to voice Buzz Lightyear, but he declined. After watching the movie, Crystal said that decision was the biggest mistake of his career. Luckily, he got to make up for it with Monsters, Inc., voicing Mike Wazowski. When John Lasseter phoned him about that role, Billy reportedly said "Yes" without even listening to what he had to say.

4. Joss Whedon created a character

It is believed that Joss Whedon was the mastermind responsible for creating the character Rex. Is there anything that man can't do?

5. It had a much worse title

One of the early titles considered for the movie was 'You Are A Toy'. I'm glad they had a re-think!

6. The license plates hold a secret message

As a reference to Toy Story's release date, every car that appears in the movie bears a license plate sticker that reads 'November 95'

7. The pizza boy wants to go to Pixar Studios

In the movie, the Pizza Planet delivery boy stops at the gas station to ask for directions, but have you ever realized where he wants to go? 'West Cutting Boulevard', he says, which is the same street Pixar Studios used to be on! He wants to go home, in a way.

8. Early concept art is in the movie

When Woody is sitting on the bed talking with Slinky, you can see a drawing of the cowboy behind him. This wasn't one of Andy's though - it's actually an early sketch of the character that a Pixar employee drew!

9. The filmmakers did some crazy method acting

The animation team glued their shoes to a sheet of wood and walked around in them, just so they could emulate the movement when animating the toy soldiers in the film. Now that's commitment!

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