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For all you devoted Chris Hemsworth fans out there, expect to undergo a mild case of mental paralysis because it looks like Christmas has come early!

Last Tuesday evening, the Thor and Avengers star graced our screens with an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He was there to promote his cybercrime movie Blackhat, which looks awesome. Take a peek at the trailer!

However, this was no ordinary interview as it ended with a competition that left Hemsworth's crisp white shirt soaking, exposing his fit Mighty Avenger bod.

Ohhhhh yes! Feast your eyes on what looks like Chris participating in a wet t-shirt contest!

Don't forget to breathe...

How did this wonderful thing even happen?

Well, Chris was the most recent celebrity to fall victim to Jimmy Falon's hilarious 'Water Game.' In case you were wondering what the rules are (not that anyone actually REALLY cares... Chris Hemsworth is soaking wet for goodness sake...), the show's host explains it like this:

“We’re going to play the card game ‘war,’ but if you lose the hand, you get a pint of water in the face. We each have five glasses of water. The first to throw all five glasses of water on their opponent wins and gets to water canon the loser.”

And guess what? Fallon wound up winning the intense showdown by five to two, leaving the Aussie completely drenched and exposing his insane muscles!!!

Take a look at the shenanigans for yourselves and be careful not to drool on your computer:

Just, look at Chris working it with those dance moves! No wonder he is the Sexiest Man Alive!

Do you guys LOVE it!?


What did you guys think of 'Blackhat?'



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