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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

The first time I ever saw Starship Troopers was back in the early 2000s, when my skills of stealthily sneaking around the house in attempt to reach the living room without waking my parental units were unsurpassed.

Massive guns, massive bugs and a damn good looking cast? I can understand why they didn't want me to see the film, but what teenager doesn't want to see some good ol' fashioned interstellar arachnid ultraviolence?

So in honor of one of the most awesomest of battles betwixt man and extraterrestrial beast, I'm doing my part by throwing together a lovely little collage of some great fan art that will really put the nuke in the bug hole!

Welcome to the Roughnecks

Starship Troopers by Mike Wrobel

From the man that brought us those great '80s and '90s reimaginings of characters from Game Of Thrones, comes this absolute beauty!

Starship Troopers by ProgV

This is insanely epic. What a badass tapestry, of sorts!

Starship Troopers Warrior Bug by xalres

Epically detailed and it seems as if it was all done with pencils. Fantastic!

Great Showdown: Starship Troopers by Scott C

Scott C is an absolute legend, I love his work. I mean, the Brain bug has a lovely little grin on its face, who else would think of that?

An Honorary Mention

Starship Koopas by pheeph

Koopa Troopas versus giant alien bugs. What else do you need?!


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