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Remember the terrifying Doctor Arthur Arden in American Horror Story: Asylum? His cold gaze and monstrous acts of cruelty made him the most truly chilling villain the show has ever seen - but the real life Nazi doctors were far worse.

Here's the vile Dr Arden in action...

Here's 5 real life Nazi doctors who make Dr Arden look like a nice chap...

1. Dr Klaus Schilling

Specialization: Exotic diseases

Fate: executed by hanging after the Nuremberg trials

Schilling's task could have been a reasonable request for a doctor in a country at war - he was challenged to develop a cure for malaria, which was holding back the German army's progress in Africa. However, rather than conventional laboratory tests, Schilling purposely infected live human subjects with lethal doses of malaria before ravaging their immune systems further with whatever drug cocktails he thought might provide an antidoe.

2. Dr Enno Lolling

Specialization: Camp inspections

Fate: Suicide by hanging, 1945

Lolling was a morphine addict and alcoholic, but his sleazy vices didn't dampen his sadism. One of his most famous acts of cruelty was putting his name to a shipment of tattooed human skin - truly monstrous indeed.

3. Dr Eugen Fischer

Specialization: Eugenics

Fate: died of old age in 1967. He was 93.

Fischer may not have been as hands-on as his brutal counterparts, but his work on the racist theory of eugenics informed the ideals of the Nazi party - ultimately leading to the death of millions of people. It's hard to think of any scientist's work that has directly caused so much pain and suffering.

4. Dr Albert Widmann

Specialization: Euthanasia

Fate: spent 6.5 years in jail from 1959 before living in freedom

Widmann was tasked with thinking up the most efficient ways of killing people, and was integral to the development of lethal injections, gases and chemicals. One of his more notorious experiments involved blowing up bunkers crammed full of people - which were considered 'failed' tests if any prisoner was left alive in the aftermath.

5. Dr Herta Oberheuser

Specialization: Infection

Fate: 5 years in prison, medical license revoked 9 years later

Oberheuser was one of the few female Nazi doctors, committing acts of devastating cruelty on the women and children in her care. She investigated infection by wounding her patients before rubbing vile substances into the cuts; oxidized metals, wood dust or powdered glass.

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