ByAsma Ul Husna Sanchita, writer at

This movie was so captivating for me that the feeling of awesomeness after watching Big Hero 6 has not wore off yet. I obviously fell in love with Baymax. Baymax is so Cute, funny, cuddly, caring, generous, wise, honest and fun to hang out with! I wish I could have a friend like Baymax for real! But I felt so sad for Tadashi. His role was so short yet so significant in the movie. I was really hoping that he would be alive again or something like that! It was heartbroken for me. But I was so proud of him to see how responsible, honest and talented person he was! Also, a very dependable brother to have. Gogo is one of my favorite female animated characters. Man! how cool is she !! she is so carefree and brave. About Hiro, he resembles a lot Hiccup from 'How To Train Your Dragon' according to me. But that didn't make me love him any less but more! But I was jealous of him that he has Baymax to cuddle!! They had so much fun together, not fare :p. My best friend watched the movie thrice in the Theater while I watched it only once. My bad. I loved the movie from the beginning till the end. I laughed a lot while watching it. Loved Fred Zilla's craziness and his attitude! Honey lemon was so full of pink! But I got to admit that at the end I thought for a moment that Baymax is never going to return, but then again our Baymax is so wise! Wanna watch 'Big Hiro 6--Return' soon!! It's going to happen right?! Thanks for Making such an awesome animated film! :D


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