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Yes, I know it's quite late for a review of such a class movie, but The Imitation Game is a movie whose review I wouldn't have missed to write. Ofcourse, the poster itself would have made any Sherlockian to watch this movie (at least once) and the trailer would only add to the eagerness of watching this movie.

The movie revolves around the time of World War II when the mathematician Alan Turing tries to crack the enigma code along with his fellow mathematicians. In this movie, Benedict Cumberbatch plays the role of Alan Turing, and he is simply marvelous. For me it was the best acting of Benedict, after Sherlock (ofcourse), so far. No doubt there was an Oscar nomination for him. Keira Knightley also gave justice to her role as Joan Clarke in the movie. With her in the movie we were able to see the bit romantic side of the film.

The direction was good. The movie revolves between three time periods, Alan Turing in school period, when he is trying to crack the code, and the period after he cracks the code. The transition between these 3 periods is made very nicely. Also the transition during the movie gives you the brief about Alan and his nature and shows you the afterlife once he has broken the code. A point comes in the movie when you feel like its the end of the movie and that what would they show for another 50 minutes or so. But the twists in the story keep you stick to your chair. Yes, the plot twists and turns were very nicely shown.

The best part of the movie would be the emotional part connected with Alan Turing, which is perfectly acted by Benedict and perfectly shown. It shows how he was in his school life, how he made a single friend and how an incident shocked him (btw, Jr. Alan was amazingly played by Alex Lawther) and resulted in his later behavior, how he was not able to mix with other people and his love life.

The supporting cast also did their jobs nicely. It was quite a typical story-type, where a bit different person doesn't fit in a group and the group turns away from him; then they realize later on and join him to help crack the code.

Overall, it was a good movie with a good story and nice direction. Surely, A suitable movie for Oscars. And definitely a 9/10 for me. :)


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