ByChad Jones, writer at
only started doing reviews so sorry there abit short let me know what you think guys! :)

Martyrs is often considered the magnum opus of the wave of extreme french horror flicks over the past few years in my eyes it is its a ferocious compelling tale with enough gore and violence for any thrill seeker.

It was released in 2008 and written and directed by Pascal Laugier who hasn't done any other great movies apart from tall man which was ok it stars Morjana Alaoui as Anna and Mylène Jampanoï as lucie neither woman in my eyes have been in any other good movies not to say there not good actors because they are.

In my eyes this is one of the horror greats and all ways will be my ramblings have probably done it no justice so i will let you decide give it a watch am sure you wont be disappointed.


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