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Red eyes, grey skin, spiny back, long arms... These appear to be the defining characteristics of the fabled [Jurassic World](movie:32752) D-Rex. Or is it I-Rex? We've talked previously about this ongoing naming convention battle between Diabolus Rex and Indominus Rex - so we'll leave it be this time around and let's stick with D-Rex for the sake of brevity.

Supposed concept art may be the best look at D-Rex.
Supposed concept art may be the best look at D-Rex.

From the first Jurassic World trailer we only get bits and pieces of the grey beast that has escaped its pen and begun wreaking havoc on the revamped Isla Nublar theme park. The best bit being Chris Pratt running for his life and a view of the big guy's feet.

There have been some pretty solid leads on what this hybrid dinosaur is made of though. The lethal combination is supposedly a mix of T-Rex (for size?), Raptor (for agility, intelligence?) and Cuttlefish. Yes, cuttlefish. The reasoning behind this mix seems counter-intuitive to making something docile enough for a theme park - but then I'm not trying to save a dino attraction from going bankrupt.

The fate of Jurassic World is written on the wall.
The fate of Jurassic World is written on the wall.

If recent rumors about the new Jurassic World trailer that's debuting during the Super Bowl are true, we may get a better glimpse of the new Jurassic terror as well as some clues as to how the cuttlefish DNA may present itself. The best reasoning behind cuttlefish being added to this dino DNA cocktail would be for camouflage purposes. (Yeah, again, bad idea guys.) Will we see some of this skin transformation in the new trailer?

The possible leaked trailer description involved our new dinosaur getting into a scrape with a Pteranodon that results in an outer layer of skin being removed - and a different color of skin being exposed. Does this lend credence to the cuttlefish rumors?

Is the grey skin a cover for camouflage abilities?
Is the grey skin a cover for camouflage abilities?

Director Collin Trevorrow has said that this hybrid dinosaur is what got him excited about making Jurassic World. And as odd as it may sound, a dinosaur with camouflage skin may be just the kind of beast that will make for some exciting scenes to unfold. After all, there are plenty of color changing lizards out there right?

What is more interesting to me than the camouflage abilities is the other cuttlefish characteristics that might find a home in D-Rex. Is it poisonous? Do the red eyes we've seen also mean it could have some eyesight weaknesses? Will that be the D-Rex's downfall? Will there be a scene where Chris Pratt gets covered in D-Rex ink? Okay, that last one isn't very likely.

What do you think about these cuttlefish rumors?


Camouflage? Poison? A hidden ink sack? What the cuttlefish?!


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