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As always, I'm constantly trying to uncover the fan base for certain games, genres and franchises. The Last of Us has been a really special case for the gamers lucky enough to have picked it up on the PS3 or PS4. It really has transformed the industry. Some feel that it ended perfectly and shouldn't be touched, while others will like to see Joel and Ellie's story continue. So would the former choose The Last of Us movie over the prospect of The Last of Us 2?

This game was remarkably cinematic, not only in the areas of score, editing, direction and performances, but also in the way that it told a story that was more gripping and emotional than the majority of Hollywood blockbusters. Hell, with what's on the list for the Academy Award this year, I'd still have elected something with the consistent power of The Last of Us over any of them. At least it was original (not you Birdman, I like you).

Ellie in The Last of Us
Ellie in The Last of Us

The Last of Us 2 & The Last of Us Movie

This is an interesting choice when it comes down to it. The Last of Us film has had more news than The Last of Us 2, though all we really know is that there is interest for the film to be made and that Sam Raimi is on board. Also, Maisie Williams would be so excited if she received the opportunity to play as the girl who is destined to go down in video game history!

But when it comes to the idea of a video game being transferred to the screen, I can't help but have my reservations, I'm sure we all feel that way! There really haven't been any good films that have been born from a game. Max Payne, Dead or Alive, Hitman, Tomb Raider - all really bad films. And why is that?

Games have their own way of functioning, I mean, let's not forget that The Last of Us was around 20 hours long. Naturally, a lot of that is gameplay, so how does the film fill in the gaps? Or maybe the gaps isn't the problem, it's the length. I'm sure it's going to have to change a lot of things, but generally movies of games seem so rushed because they are trying to cover everything in 2 hours.

I'd hate to see The Last of Us become something that the rest of the world just considered to be that bad movie. It has so much potential. Though Druckmann has actually been working on the project from the get go and is also in the middle of working his way through the script. So perhaps the original director's vision will lend the film similar qualities.

And then we have the case of The Last of Us 2. I'd rather pick a bad TLOF movie then a bad game. The last thing we want to see happen is that this series collapses with its second instalment. But where should the story go? Should it follow Joel and Ellie or go somewhere else entirely? OR, just a little theory of mine, could Joel be the villain?!

Let us know in the comments what you think about the idea of a The Last of Us 2 and The Last of Us movie! Which would you prefer and do you think they could make a good movie or a second game instalment?


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