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Hello there, it’s me. Well let us talk as friends for isn’t that what we are by now? I have a little secret…. Want to hear it? Come in a little closer… ok a little more…. good… Did you know that we have Superman with Wonder Woman because of haters?


Oh yes my dear friends, the people who waste all day calling for the burning of Superman and Wonder Woman are the reason we have the Power Couple in the first place!

….Hold it together Kristen…

They loved Pre 52 Superman so much they didn't need to buy his comic books anymore. Their love was so great that they simply absorbed each and every issue through their collective consciousness and again by not buying them…

…..Keep a straight face…

What a love that when DC gave them all their hearts desired they simply stopped buying Superman. Who needs to actually buy comics when you have a love that tells you to complain about everything nice DC does for you.

He told her… You complained

They dated…. You complained

They got married… You complained

It vanished overnight…. Didn’t anyone even notice it wasn’t there?

Is the love that DC was feeling?

Is this the love that they have been searching for?

…. Can’t hold on much ….. LONGER!

We SMWW fans know why Superman is with Wonder Woman… Sales for Pre 52 Superman were so bad DC finally said F*CK IT! Let’s do this! Like in comics Big Momma Wonder Woman is saving his big blue butt.

SMWW fans actually buy comics, SMWW fans actually changed what DC had originally planned after the Trinity Wars because we actually buy comics…. We know it was suppose to end but….


DC saw the financial value of keeping Superman and Wonder Woman together. Comic book sales, merchandise, video games, movies and so on… DC is in the business of making money and bring new readers into the fold… Hell there have been Superman readers that haven’t read him in decades that came back to the title because of SMWW relationship…

It’s untapped territory with hundreds of exciting stories to tell. A pair of equals. Alike yet very much their own unique individuals. So sit back relax and enjoy the ride…

So haters we SMWW fans thank you for your great love of Superman. We thank you for not buying Pre 52 version of him because of that great love. We thank you for making DC realize Superman needed an upgrade. We thank you for how ridiculous you act in front of DC artists and writers constantly. We thank you for showing us we should value every SMWW moment as a precious gift and to tell them thank you for them. Finally we thank you for the humor we get from watching your rage over fictional characters like they are real people. And for this we thank you...

Can I laugh now..... Heheheehehehehehehehehehehehe

So in the words of Wonder Woman…. Why so serious? It just comic books


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