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Sure the mystical and monstrous team called Justice League Dark doesn't have the name recognition of that other Justice League - but that doesn't mean it couldn't be an even better movie. In fact, for that very reason, Justice League Dark could be the best movie DC could make right now.

Who knows if DC and Warner Bros will ever not be playing catch up with Marvel Studios. While DC may have set a certain standard with Christopher Nolan's Batman films, Marvel has tipped the scale on world building and expanding an interconnected universe over movie and television screens. But what they have to do here is take a lesson from one of Marvel's, and 2014, biggest surprises.

Let's get the DC movie universe supernatural.
Let's get the DC movie universe supernatural.

Justice League Dark is being shepherded by none other than Guillermo Del Toro and, as is his specialty, takes place in the supernatural underbelly of the DC comic universe. The rumored lineup of Del Toro's version of things would include Hellblazer's John [Constantine](movie:874314) (perhaps the best known character of the bunch), Zatanna (a sorceress), Deadman (a ghost, natch) and Jason Blood (a guy with a helluva demon problem). The team is known for solving those weirder, more supernatural problems that might bring about the end of the world but the other superheroes are too busy to bother with.

In a sense, they're DC's ghostbusters. But what they really could be is DC's Guardians of the Galaxy. They're the exact kind of lesser known characters that the movie can relax and have fun with as Marvel did with Guardians. And those results speak for themselves. There's no sad Batman, conflicted Superman or angsty superhero stuff to deal with here. All DC and Warner Bros has to do is stand back and let the DC world expand while having some fun with monsters and zombies and the like.

DC can also prove that weird = box office gold.
DC can also prove that weird = box office gold.

There has been confirmation in the past few months of Del Toro handing in a completed script and even talk of the film being a lead-in to the supernatural DC universe for the proposed Sandman movie with Joseph Gordon Levitt. (Sandman is another success story waiting to happen.) These kind of developments get me far more excited than the standard DC superhero fare and I doubt I'm alone.

While I'm looking forward to seeing that other Justice League come together - the Justice League Dark has all the potential to be the kind of [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) type film that DC really needs: a fun-first film that is filled with weird characters and unexpected friends battling evil in a strange world. Fast-track this one Warner Bros.


How eager would you be to see Guillermo Del Toro's Justice League Dark?


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