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What ever happened to predictability, the milkman, the paper boy, and evening TV? Do you miss your old familiar friends waiting just around the bend?

If you recognize those classic words, then rest easy! Those familiar friends A.K.A. the cast of inescapable sitcom Full House just reunited to sing the show's catchy theme song. Check out the

In honor of their newest reunion, let's investigate what they've been up to since leaving that iconic crowded house in San Francisco almost 20 years ago!

Danny Tanner - Bob Saget

Danny Tanner was the wholesome, understanding dad that championed good ol' moral values and supportive parenting. Anyone who expects that family-friendly figure from Bob Saget's stand-up, however, is in for a rude surprise. He has a notoriously crass sense of humor, appearing in an adults-only stand-up show called Bob Saget Live: The Dirty Daddy Tour in 2014.

In terms of television work, Saget appeared on a WB show called Raising Dad with Kat Dennings and Brie Larson and narrated [How I Met Your Mother](series:200728) as the future version of Ted Mosby. He also had a recurring role as a parody of himself in Entourage.

Uncle Joey Gladstone - Dave Coulier

Cut. It. Out! Other than playing Full House's resident clown, Dave Coulier is probably best known for being the not-so-nice guy who inspired Alanis Morrisette's burning break-up anthem "You Oughta Know."

He's gone on to appear as a guest in many TV shows, but more recently he's leant his voice to some wonderful animated projects like Dexter's Laboratory, Teen Titans, and Robot Chicken. For fans of Disney Channel Original Movies, you may have recognized him in The Thirteenth Year and The Even Stevens Movie.

Uncle Jesse Katsopolis - John Stamos

The only man with a mullet to ever maintain his attractiveness, Uncle Jesse (Hermes) was the bad boy with a heart of gold who could do a mean Elvis impression. Since then, Stamos did a string of TV movies, a few failed pilots, and then really caught his stride in the mid-to-late 2000s. That's when he appeared as a series regular Dr. Tony Gates on ER. Then, he had guest roles on [Glee](movie:718630) , [The New Normal](series:755927), and [Necessary Roughness](series:756005).

Currently, you can catch him hawking Oikos Greek yogurt and still being one of the most attractive men in Hollywood.

DJ Tanner - Candace Cameron-Bure

Through bottles of hairspray and all of those outlandish nineties outfits, we grew up with DJ Tanner. Following her eight formative years on Full House, Candace Cameron-Bure went on to guest star on a very memorable episode of Boy Meets World (seriously, that Halloween special must have been the inspiration for American Horror Story: Coven). She continued to stick with family programs, guesting on That's So Raven and starring in Make it or Break It.

Other than placing third on Season 18 of [Dancing with the Stars](series:722486), Cameron-Bure wrote a best-selling book, Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose. Like her brother, Kirk Cameron, she turned to religion after wrapping Full House.

Stephanie Tanner - Jodie Sweetin

Stephanie Tanner was the little spitfire who talked a mile a minute and had a catchphrase that still gets a lot of play today. Following Full House, Sweetin attended Chapman University in Southern California. Sweetin fell on some rough times after her TV show wrapped, turning to methamphetamine out of boredom.

Happily, she has gotten sober and has a reinvigorated approach to life. She hosted the AMAZING Fuse TV show Pants-Off Dance-off and has appeared in some small indies. Sweetin also published a memoir titled unSweetined that talked all about her experience with drugs and alcohol that started after Full House ended.

Michelle Tanner - Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

Arguably the cutest kid(s) of the nineties, Michelle Tanner didn't go on to do much with her life. Kidding, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen went on to become two of the wealthiest women in the entertainment industry. Before they could even drive, they amassed a fortune with a straight-to-video empire (with series like The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley and You're Invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley's) through their company Dualstar, for which they are both CEOs.

After cornering the tween market, the Olsen twins pursued a career in high-end fashion, launching their couture label "The Row" and also partnering with J.C. Penney for an affordable line called Olsenboye. Needless to say, they share the most success out of the entire Full House cast. They got it, dude!

Aunt Becky - Lori Loughlin

So somebody found the Fountain of Youth and hoarded it all for herself and Julianne Moore. Lori Loughlin looks as good as she did when she played lovable Aunt Becky, Uncle Jesse's eventual wife.

After Full House, Loughlin did a string of TV movies and guest spots. Some may remember Aunt Becky starring in the WB nighttime soap Summerland, that introduced the world to Zac Efron. Later, she had a recurring role on 90210, the Beverly Hills 90210 remake, as the mother of two of the main characters. Nowadays, she's starring in the TV series When Calls the Heart on Hallmark about a 19th-century coal mining town.

Kimmy Gibbler - Andrea Barber

Quite possible the most important television character to ever gangle across the screen, Kimmy Gibbler was DJ's best friend and the largest source of comedy on Full House. Sadly for us all, she took a break from acting after Full House to focus on her personal life.

However, she's very active on Instagram, and has recently expressed interest in returning to acting. She appeared in full Kimmy garb for a Funny or Die sketch alongside Dave Coulier. Even better news, she still hangs out with DJ all the time!

She may not have always been welcome in the Tanner household, but she's always welcome on my TV. More work for the Gibbler!

Now it's time to have mercy on your nostalgia-driven brain and break out those Full House DVDs. If you don't, Queen Stephanie has just one thing to say to you.

Can you believe it's been twenty years? Did any of the cast's transformations surprise you?


Who was your favorite Full House character?


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