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A while back, I wrote about how awesome Angelina Jolie looked in Maleficent. That led me to think of who should be cast for other Disney Villians… you can read that here, if you’re interested. But, today… today we rejoice and celebrate some Disney Princesses! The gorgeous and wonderfully talented Emma Watson is going to be Belle for a live action Beauty and the Beast. Now frankly I don’t care for the live action remakes, but I am certainly in agreement with this one. Here are some ideas I have for the other Disney Princesses. Some of them have already been made, some are already cast, but regardless, these are my choices and they are for fun, not because I think they are spitting images. Agree, disagree, tell me down below – but this is not a place to argue about who is and isn’t a princess!

Zooey Deschanel as Snow White

I’ve heard some people suggest Selena Gomez, as she has experience being around real life Dopey, but I can’t picture her as Snow White. Zooey has those big beautiful eyes and if you have ever seen her with red lipstick on, she would capture it perfectly. The only thing that Zooey doesn’t have is that Snow White is a bit of a ditz and pushover. Zooey probably could pull that off considering she has the deer in headlights look all the time, but most of her roles she is smart and strong, even if she is a little strange.

Taylor Swift as Tinkerbelle

You can argue about her music all you want. She looks like a fairy, specifically, Tink. I doubt I am the first person to think this, or make the connection, but regardless, she would make a great choice for Peter Pan’s lil’ buddy. Julia Roberts was solid in Hook, but never have I looked previously or post Hook and thought “Tink” with Roberts. With Swift, she has the scrunched face and potentially has music videos that might have her looking like a fairy. I wouldn’t know, I refuse to admit watching any Taylor Swift videos because I am a 27 year old man and have no time for that… or some similar excuse.

Brittney Snow as Cinderella

Brittney Snow, who can sing, would be a great choice for this. She has a very pretty face, which is really what Cinderella has going for her in the movie. It is pretty conceivable that in a role that would require her to take orders, talk to mice and dance and sing that she could pull it off. I also think she would look good in that terrible up-do hairdo that very few women could pull off.

Shailene Woodley as Sleeping Beauty

Of Divergent fame, I thought she would be a good actress for this role. Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a character for her to develop, so I simply picked this off of looks alone. Something about Shailene’s calm, sleepy face reminds me of Princess Aurora. This role wouldn’t exactly be difficult – again, she is asleep most of the movie, so by that standard Kristen Stewart might be perfect.

Nina Dobrev as Princess Jasmine

My first choice for this is Emmanuelle Chriqui – but my guess is that her age puts her out of contention for someone who is supposed to be borderline adult. Chiriqui could play 30, but I doubt she can pull off a believable 20. So my next choice became Nina Dobrev, I can honestly say I know very little about her acting, but she has the Princess Jasmine look and if she can deliver attitude and sassiness, I would go for her.

Alison Brie as Ariel

Ariel is an interesting princess because of that ridiculous red hair. Jessica Rabbit is too old and not real so she is out… Amy Adams would be too obvious of a choice. I landed on Alison Brie mainly because she can pull off just about any hair and still look good. Also, like Ariel, she has those big eyes that stand out. I AM ACTUALLY REFERING TO HER EYES… The ones in her face. But she has the body too. Plus she seems strange enough to want to be a mermaid and talk to crabs and fish.

Amber Stevens as Princess Tiana

Amber Stevens is a fun and exciting actress. I really enjoy watching her in 22 Jump Street and in Greek. Like most of these women on the list and the ones drawn by Disney, they have big eyes that stand out. Amber does as well and though she is not as dark in complexion as Tiana, I think her acting ability would overcome that obstacle. I think the hardest part would be Amber overcoming the “intelligent” part of Tiana – most of her roles, at least ones I have seen her in, are ditzy.

Again, maybe none of these are perfect, but it is always fun to play casting director and think about all the possibilities.


Who's your favourite choice?


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