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At times, nudity in movies and TV can truly advance the plot and develop relationships between characters. In other instances, it can be completely and totally gratuitous. All I know is, when I'm watching [Game of Thrones](movie:817617) with my mom, it can get pretty awkward.

So, it's all good and well when nudity is thrown into a story - but, did you know that these SEVEN famous actors all had their birthday suits on display... on accident. Of course this can happen for a couple of reasons. Either they got naked and didn't expect it to be presented in that way, or advanced technology now allows us to stop and pause (in hi-def of course) to see very quick fleeting nude moments from movies where you wouldn't have noticed it before.

Check it out:

7. Julia Roberts's Accidental Nipple In 'Pretty Woman'

It' so blink and you'll miss this that I didn't get a screenshot [Credit: Buena Vista Pictures]
It' so blink and you'll miss this that I didn't get a screenshot [Credit: Buena Vista Pictures]

When Richard Gere and Julia Roberts get intimate for the first time in Pretty Woman, if you have a good eye, you can spot Roberts' left breast. It's not too easy to spot, which is why this comes in at #10. However, it's a prime example of a big time star who ended up exposed on accident.

6. Tom Cruise's Member On Display In 'All The Right Moves'

Fans saw more of Cruises little Tom than they bargained for [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
Fans saw more of Cruises little Tom than they bargained for [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

This takes some serious precision pause-action to truly see. But, if for some reason you really want to see Tom Cruise's penis, you're in luck! You just need to rent All The Right Moves!

5. Deleted Scene From 'The Break-Up' That Was Originally Supposed To Be Included Features Nude Jennifer Aniston

	[Credit: Universal Pictures]
[Credit: Universal Pictures]

So, this isn't necessarily an "accident," but it has to be included because it's amazing. Jennifer Aniston was initially supposed to have a topless scene when she's wandering through her apartment fully naked looking to mess with her ex-boyfriend. The scene was shot — and not featured in the final cut — but the footage is still out there, which is why it's #6.

4. Mel Gibson Crotch-Shot In 'Gallipoli'

[Credit: Village Roadshow/Paramount Pictures]
[Credit: Village Roadshow/Paramount Pictures]

I'm still not fully over Mel Gibson's racist, sexist, and homophobic ranting from a few years back. It wasn't good, simple and plain. However, his dick is yours to see if you want. It's from Gallipoli, and while this is another PG film, this is a shot you can pause and get a quick glimpse of Mel's junk.

See also:

3. Natalie Portman In 'Closer' - Yes, You Read That Correctly

There was a sexy scene from Closer, where Portman gives Jude Law a private lap-dance dressed as a stripper. A shot of Portman's exposed breast made its way into the FINAL version of the film. However, nobody noticed and it actually took two years for anybody to realize it happened!

2. Bruce Willis' Dong Is Readily Available To Be Seen In 'Pulp Fiction'

[Credit: Miramax Films]
[Credit: Miramax Films]

Yes, that is Bruce Willy's willy. And this is another example of the pause feature giving us a glimpse at the goods. In the theater, this would have been 100% undetectable. However, technology gets it done for anybody who wanted to see a young nude Bruce.

1. Denzel's D Is All Up In 'Ricochet'

This isn't Denzel's best work. I'm going to come out and say that off the top. I love the dude, but he's had better roles. However, his D is in this movie and, ONCE AGAIN, the man falls victim to the pesky pause button.

I think it's a little unfair that these actors got exposed, but I can't really sympathize too much because they are all much, much richer than I am. Plus, they all look great so it's really not even that embarrassing.


Which accidental nude is best?

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